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What About This…? 8.18.2016

By Wayne William Cipriano


Some time ago I passed on an idea that Rosalie had that would almost certainly protect any of us from ever leaving a child in the back seat of a hot car because we just forget.  It’s time to think about that again.

Because it happens.  Sometimes it is just embarrassing.  Sometimes it is a tragedy beyond imagining.  It has become a significant enough problem that the other night I heard of a new car feature that flashes a warning on the instrument panel. If the rear door of the car was opened at the beginning of the trip.  The warning was something like: “Have you checked to be sure there is no one in the back?”

Certainly is a good idea.  But many of us have older rigs without such a device and may never be able to afford a new top-of-the-line car with such worthwhile bells and whistles.  And, really, there is a much lower-tech approach to garner the same result.

Whenever you put a kid in the back seat of your car, take off your left shoe as soon as you get behind the wheel. That’s all there is to it.  Just, left shoe off.

Yes, it is a slight hassle.

Yes, it is a bit humiliating to even suggest you would forget your kid.

But, when you step out of your car wearing only one shoe, there is no way you will forget that Munchkin in the back even though for the first time ever, the kid was quiet.

If it ONLY prevents you leaving one kid in one car just one time, it is worth it.  You KNOW it is!

Left shoe off.  Pass it on.  Thank you for reading all of this.