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Adams Reunion Held

Good morning, I hope you are doing wonderful on this great morning that God has given you. We had our family reunion this weekend and had a good group of people there. Yet, there were just some that could not make it. Prior engagements, bad health, and just too busy. We started the day with gathering in and visiting, as the people came the table started filling up with all kinds of food. We had a variety of meat, fresh cucumbers, brown beans and corn bread (a must of course),  and strawberry cake and Blackberry cobbler. (That tradition has been passed down from my mom to me).  I so enjoy reconnecting, and I told them at church Sunday there is one thing you will always find at our reunions, talk around the table will eventually be about God or church, and there is always some gospel singing before the day is over. We played a game of win, lose, or draw and the two categories were family and church. We also played a game of relay with the kids against the grownups. It is so good to laugh and share good times together.  We have our family reunions every two years and every time that we gather it seems that God has called another family member home. Yet, we also find that He has given us another addition to our family somewhere through the lines. This year it was Steven and Tamara with their new baby girl, June. She was actually 15 months old, but that was the newest addition to the family that was present. My oldest brother, Adrian, could not get here this year, and really missed it. He put in a phone call and got to talk to several members of the family that way. Sometimes those cell phones can sure be nice. My uncle Galen, also, could not make this reunion and this was the first one he had missed. He sent word to tell everyone hello, and we want him to know he was missed. We had 41 people present for the reunion which is a good turn out, yet, we missed several that I would have loved to have visited with. When the day was drawing to a close we had several go to James and Debbie’s to visit and some came to our house for games and homemade ice cream. Now that is a definite Adams family tradition. Now, another two years before we meet again and who knows what changes God has in store for us. We as the Adams’ family hope and pray that you and your family can share love and laughter and the love of God with each other. See you all in 2018, or before.