What About This…? 6.30.2016

By Wayne William Cipriano

The other day I heard that in all of 2015 there were only 12 (yes, twelve) re­ported cases of polio in the entire world; all, I think, in Pakistan and India.

With such a relatively small area of confinement and our deep under-stand­ing of the malady, with so effec­tive a preventative, polio must be on the very fine edge of eradica­tion.  It can go the way of small pox, the end­ing of which was a high point in human progress.

It is not control of, not reduction of, nor strong protection against polio.  They are saying they can end polio, forever.

Remember those little kids in “iron lungs,” in wheelchairs, on crutches, in braces, in the United States of America?  From those youngsters all the way to one of our presidents, polio’s existence cost us terribly. And now we’ve got polio on the ropes with two knockdowns.

A lot of dollars, some months of dedicated attention, a motivated pub­lic relations and education program, and polio is done for.  Forever!

What’s the freaking holdup?