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Looking Backward 1.14.2016

25 Years Ago

January 10, 1991


Ava Mayor Bud Norman said this week that the city is spending approximately $1,000 per day on materials and labor associated with the stubborn winter storm that has its grips on the area. Not since 1972 has the city had such an ac­cumulation of ice to contend with, says Norman.

The University of Missouri-Columbia has announced those under-graduate students named to the deans’ lists or honor rolls for their high academic achievements during the fall, 1990, semester. Those students from Ava making the honor roll list include Daniel A. Rees, a junior in the School of Health Related Professions; and Richard Lewis Voliva, a freshman in the College of Arts and Science.

Sgt. Kimberland Charles Ritter came home for leave Jan. 2 from Korea. Sgt. Kim and Cheryl Ritter would like to announce the birth of their baby boy, Brayden Charles Ritter, born Jan. 3 at 6:30 a.m.

  1. TABOR –– Anyone could get cabin fever in this kind of weather if a person didn’t have something to keep busy.

SQUIRES –– Our mailman, Donnie Strong, has been accom­plishing miracles so far by deliver­ing our mail. This weather is really hard on the mail carriers.

ROY –– We’ve had about four weeks of ice, the worse I ever remember. Lots of people falling. Birdle Mannon fell and broke her hip. Lela Lynn fell as she was go­ing down her steps and it shook her up pretty bad. Gary Hall fell and cut his head open and had to go to the emergency room at Springfield.

Army Sgt. Jason Bebout, pres­ently stationed at Camp Zama, Japan, has won the President’s Scholarship from the University of Maryland, Asian Division.


50 Years Ago

January 6, 1966


Nine area farm families received 10-year service awards Tuesday at the 38th annual Soils and Crops Conference held at MFA Hall here. About 60 area farmers were in attendance with Louis Peebles, chairman, presiding. Receiving the awards were: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Letsinger, Mr. and Mrs. Jess McGill, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Peebles, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Buchanan, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Deatherage, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Eagleston and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Stewart.

NEW YORK – Douglas County has really become a community on wheels. The number of cars in use, locally, has reached a record high. The growth reflects the large-scale surge in automobile buying during the last few years. In Douglas County, as a result there has been a 9.0 percent increase in the number of cars in use since 1960. The total has climbed from 2,880 then to the 3,140 listed this year.

The Internal Revenue Service celebrated its 100th anniversary not too long ago. Tax officials noted that no one sent them best wishes for many happy returns.

Mrs. Roberts Wilson of Poplar Bluff announces the engagement of her daughter, Audrey Lee of North Kansas City, to Bill R. Curnutt of North Kansas City, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Curnutt of Ava.

One of the closing real estate transactions of the year in Spring­field was a trade in excess of $108,000 which involved the 10-unit Parakeet Motel on U.S. 60-165, west of Springfield, including a service station, café and two-bedroom living quarters, and a 400-acre farm southwest of Ava with a four-bedroom ranch style home and other improvements. Richard M. Graves was owner of the motel and Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Leister of Route 3, Ava, were the owners of the farm property.

SPRINFIELD –– Twenty-five coeds at Southwest Missouri State College have been nominated for Ozarko Queen for 1966 at SMS. The list of candidates includes Brenda Graves, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Graves of Ava. Miss Graves is a junior at SMS.

Mr. and Mrs. Doy Price, their daughter, Brenda, and son, John, of Ava, entertained with a belated New Year’s dinner in their subur­ban home Sunday evening, Jan. 2. Dinner guests of the family on the occasion were Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Welton and children, Huba Ann and Gil Boyd, and Mr. and Mrs. Don Victor and children, Randy, Reggie and Risa.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Pickens and children, Jim and Myrna of Ava, returned to their home Saturday after a Christmas visit with their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hutchison and daughter Kelly Ann, of Sunnymead, Calif.

Pvt. Terry J. Flattem, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ken Flattem of Route 3, Ava, arrived home Dec. 22, after completing six months active duty at Camp LeJeune, N.C., with a Reserve Marine Corps unit. Also arriving at the Flattem home on Dec. 23 was the private’s cousin, Cadet George Hetherington, who is attending West Point Military Academy in New York.


75 Years Ago

January 9, 1941


Eight Douglas County men – all volunteers – will go to Jefferson Barracks Jan. 19 for induction into the U.S. Army for a year of military training. The eight men, as an­nounced by W.I. Barker, clerk of the draft board here, are: Vernon Clifton Gunnels, 23, of Ava; Marvin C. Mann, 31, of Girdner; Everett Frank Arnold, 24, of Ava; James Alfred Medlock, 23, of Ava; Gerald Ben Proctor, 24, of Route 2, Norwood; Thaddeus Onley Jack­son, 28, of Ava; Norman Davis, 31, of Ava; and Elmer Arthur Ross, 30, of Ava.

An agricultural evening school will be organized at Cross Roads School Monday night by J.A. McKinney, instructor in the Ava High School vocational agriculture department. McKinney announced plans for the school this week de­scribing the purposes as to give farmers opportunity to discuss their own experiences and practices in farming and obtain the latest avail­able information from the agricul­tural experiment station and research by agricultural writers.

Mrs. E.H. Cooper and children, Glenna Dell, Gaylene James, Bob and Cleo, spent the weekend in Melbourne, Ark., and were house­guests in the home of Mrs. Cooper’s mother, Mrs. Martha Hays.

A new motion picture theater has been opened in Gainesville by L.H. Pettit, owner of the Avalon Theater here. Mr. Pettit bought the old Methodist Church building in Gainesville and remodeled it for the new picture house. Modern picture machines, new sound equipment and 200 seats have been installed. The theater is being managed by Mr. Pettit’s son, Howard Pettit. Mr. Pettit also owns a theater in Mountain View.

Miss Lillie Gentry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gentry of Rich­ville, became the bride of Max Linder, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Linder of Dora, Mo., at the home of the bride’s parents on Christmas day. Ira Woodward, justice of the peace, read the ceremony in the presence of only immediate mem­bers of the two families.

Leo Nelson and Ruth Tate Reveal Secret Marriage –– Miss Ruth Tate, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tate, and Leo Nelson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nelson, were married Sunday, Dec. 8, at Ozark, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Nel­son are well known in Ava. For the past few years both have been em­ployed in the Ben Franklin store.

One of our friends is quite enthusiastic about his new automo­bile, which has no gearshift. And, a lot of the boys have been driving cars for several years now, which have no brakes.

BERTHA –– Mr. and Mrs. Glen Pool announce the birth of an eleven-pound baby girl, Sunday.

BLACK OAK –– Warren Springs has purchased the Cecil Robertson farm.


100 Years Ago

January 13, 1916


B.F. Barnes of Oswego was in Ava Monday interviewing post­master John Orr relative to the rules and requirements for establishing another rural free delivery route out of Ava. A movement is on foot to discontinue the post office at Oswego and this has prompted the present move to establish rural route No. 2. The route will proba­bly start west from Ava following the Roy road to the old Salt road and then turn south to Spring Creek and cross near the Wm. Mathew’s place, then turn north to Ava.

The Wilson slogan is to be “Peace and Prosperity.” Peace at any price, and prosperity because of war. An attempt to make a parti­san issue of peace, after asking the entire country to stand behind him in preserving it, irrespective of po­litical affiliation, shows to what lengths the President is driven to find a campaign issue.

All automobile owners must have a new register number for the year 1916 beginning Feb. 1.

Gov. Major seems to think our state penitentiary is over populated and has decided to turn some of the inmates out. He paroled 17 in one day last week, and a total of 53 during the week.

The Mercury stood at zero this morning.

J.T. and W.A. Clinkingbeard went to Ozark County last week to buy a load of stock but on account of bad weather they returned with­out buying anything.

Frank Wakefield of Tucson, Ariz., arrived in Ava last week and will locate in Douglas Co. Mr. Wakefield brought with him the trunk of a yucca plant, a native of Arizona. The yucca plant is made up of a solid mat of fibers, which can be used in making rope. The plant can be seen at the courthouse.

On Wednesday, both the 10:30 and 2:30 mails were delayed by Bryant River being out of its banks. The mail arrived at 5:30.

SCHOOL NOTES – The Senior Class held a meeting this week and discussed the question of publish­ing an Annual. After some discus­sion they concluded to publish one. They elected the following staff: Editor in Chief Cecil Reynolds, Associate Editor Sybil Stewart, Library Editor Ruth Davis, Art Editor Lilla Mankin, Business Manager Denzil Campbell, Adver­tising Manager Richard Stewart, Sec. and Treas. Lena Wilson. They will start work at once.


125 Years Ago

January 15, 1891


William Peters, local manager of the Missouri and Kansas Telephone agency, was arrested on the charge of embezzling $183 of the com­pany’s money.

Wolves are entering the western border counties of Kansas in great packs in search of food. A short distance from Liberal this morning Mrs. Garvey and her child were attacked by a pack of wolves a few steps from their home, and while the woman escaped with slight injuries, the boy was carried some distance and mangled so horribly that he cannot recover. The men about the place forcibly beat off the savage beasts.

Mrs. Louise Outwaite, living between Alton and Thayer, one day last week gave birth to six children within twenty-four hours, all of who were alive when last heard from. Mrs. O. is the wife of a miner. Four of the children are girls and two are boys. They are very small, of course, but their en­ergy is something remarkable. The mother, aside from the predicament in which she is placed of having a litter of squalling children to look after, is doing quite well. There has been no school in the Outwaite neighborhood on account of a scar­city of children, but if the six new­comers do well, a little house will have to be built. South Missouri beats the world in producing babies, or anything else. Come here and enjoy the luxuries of life.

At a regular meeting of the Ava Normal Literary on last Friday evening, C.W. Burdett was chosen president, H.O. Martin, vice-president and Sallie Joe Turner, secretary.

On last Monday, the citizens of Mansfield organized a mining company with $1,000 cash capital. Henry Cody was elected president and J.C. Spence, secretary and treasurer. They expect to commence operations immediately.

Capt. J.H.A. Payne of Ava received information last week that his pension claim had been favora­bly considered at Washington D.C. and on Monday received his vouchers for $664.50 back pension and an allowance of a regular pen­sion of $9.00 per month. Mr. Payne is receiving the congratula­tions of his many friends on his good fortune.

There is no end to railroad building. Nearly 6,000 miles of new track has been constructed within the past 12 months, within the limits of the United States. Nothing develops a country more rapidly than good facilities for the quick and cheap transportation of its products to the markets of the world. There is a prospect for a railroad through this county. The officials of the Kansas City and Memphis road are considering a project for a branch road leaving their mainline somewhere between Seymour and Mansfield and run­ning south towards Little Rock, Ark.

VERA CRUZ –– A new grist­mill is being built at Vera Cruz by John Bush.

Stonewall Jackson’s grave does not lie in neglect. Every day it is found covered with flowers, placed there by unknown hands.