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City Council Holds Tuesday Meeting

By Sue Curry Jones

On Tuesday, the Ava Board of Aldermen convened their first meeting in 2016 with Mayor David Norman and councilmen Stan Lovan, Burrely Loftin and Keith Jones in attendance. Alderman Leon Harris was absent due to illness.

Only a few items were listed on the afternoon agenda, so discussions predominately focused on the city’s upcoming move into the new City Hall building on South Jefferson.

Mayor David Norman provided brief insight about the new facility, with many details linked to the fast-approaching move into the building.   Norman advised city personnel is readying to open in the new location on Monday, Jan. 25, and right now, the main goal is to focus on making certain the utilities department can readily function and meet customer needs.

Norman noted many items have already been sorted and assessed, and pieces are either earmarked for storage or the new location. He advised the telephone system is scheduled for installation next week, and a complete transfer of desks and personnel is planned for Jan. 21-23.

In other business, Norman said Douglas County Presiding Commis­sioner Lance Stillings has asked the city to partner in upgrading road­ways on the west and south sides of the Ava Country Club Golf Course. Norman said Stillings did not have a plan or specific request at this time, but he wanted to see if city participation would be an option.   Norman said the golf course area is an asset to the community, and if roads around the golf course were upgraded, improvements would be an enhancement appreciated by residents, as well as county officials and the City of Ava.

Administrative Director Peggy Porter reported city funds continue to remain steady with a balance of $1.9 million; however, Porter said numerous expenses are scheduled for payment at the end of the month, including the final payment on the Rawlings building for $50,000, and then fund balances will change.

The municipal court docket for November was approved in a 3-0 vote, with motions by aldermen Burrely Loftin and Keith Jones.

Norman reported a city litigation issue was recently resolved, and the property owners have now complied with court findings and cleaned-up the property site accordingly. The location under scrutiny is situated on the northeast side of town.

Council adjourned open meeting, with plans to reconvene on Tuesday, Jan. 26, at 5:00 p.m. This upcoming meeting will be the last session held in council chambers at the City Hall on 127 SW 2nd Avenue.

Video of the actual meeting may be viewed on our website: