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Coupon Curiousity

There are so many things about summer that I am going to miss along with the warm weather, such as, more hours of daylight, beautiful flowers and fresh produce. Yes, fresh produce. As much as I would like to have planted a garden, that dream stayed a dream and never materialized as reality. Lucky is this girl, though, as my father-in-law, on more than one occasion, came bearing gifts of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, green beans and squash. He doesn’t have any more time than I do, just a little more dedicated, I say. For that, I am forever grateful. His garden is much like others, near the end and ready to be covered and forgotten about until next year.

No more garden means no more fresh produce, hand picked and delivered to my door. This means I’ll rely on retrieving it from the store and one common complaint when talking about fresh produce and couponing is that it tends to focus more on packaged foods at the expense of fresh produce or organic items. Really this is a misconception, even though, the cost of fresh produce, especially in the winter months, seem to cost more, there are coupons out there for such, as well as, coupons for organic items and gluten-free items too. One must do a little research in order to find them. A great website that I have found is Many coupons come from companies that have product I know are stocked on shelves in our local area, such as Lifeway, Almond Breeze, Michael Angelos, Blue Diamond, Rice Select, Natures Path and many more.

Here’s another food for thought: You can still buy more fruits and vegetables even without coupons by cutting back on your household expenses like dishwashing detergent, laundry soap, toothpaste and etc. that do have coupons circulating at any given time. Saving money on these items allow for more money to be spent on the foods our bodies need to stay completely nourished.

Hope this becomes useful knowledge to those who are interested and before I say That’s A Wrap for this week, here are a few items on sale at Town & Country Supermarket this week that have coupons circulating: Fiber One Bars and Cookies, Nature Valley Protein Bar, General Mills Cereal and Crest Toothpaste.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me at I am more than willing to help you get started. If you have something to add to this column, great! We would love to hear from you as well!

The Douglas County Herald still has coupon for exchange. We have a box up front with coupons in it. Feel free to look through and take any coupons that interest you and that you will use.

Until next time, keep calm and coupon on!