City Council Moves Forward With Street Improvement Project, Approves Purchases

By Sue Curry Jones

Ava Board of Aldermen convened on Tuesday, July 14, with aldermen Stan Lovan, Leon Harris, Burrely Loftin, and Keith Jones present for the session. The afternoon meeting, which began at 5:00 p.m., was facilitated by Mayor David Norman.

Administrative Director Peggy Porter reported city cash balances as of June 30 were down, and expenditures for the month included a $50,000 loan payment for the former bank building on South Jefferson. Porter also noted water fund expenses and park department expenditures had been higher than anticipated, and it was necessary for council to offset a $27,000 overage in the parks department fund by amending the budget. Councilmen Burrely Loftin and Leon Harris cited motions to amend the budget, and council voted 4-0 to adopt.

After reviewing bid submissions for an upcoming street improvement project, aldermen picked low bidder Journagan Construction/Aggregates as the contractor to re-asphalt streets in the city’s southeast quadrant.   Bids for the paving project were submitted by Journagan for $65.80 a ton; and APAC Missouri, Inc. of Springfield, Mo. for $78 a ton.

The project will cost $134,626.40 and resurface the following streets: SW 3rd Avenue, SE 6th Avenue, SE 5th Avenue, SE 4th Avenue, SE 3rd Avenue, SW 2nd Avenue, SE 2nd Street, SE 3rd Street, SE 5th Street, and NE 2nd Street.

Motions to accept Journagan’s bid were by councilmen Stan Lovan and Burrely Loftin, and the vote 4-0.

Mayor David Norman reported the City of Ava has purchased an airport fueling system previously used in Springfield, Mo. According to City Clerk Suzanne Welsh, the recycled system consists of a 2500 gallon fuel tank, which has a digital reader easy operation, without an attendant. The system cost $6,000.

Norman noted the fueling pump needs to be refurbished, and Airport Manager David Davidson has engaged a company to refurbish the pumping mechanism for $1,000.

Norman said city employees are building forms for pouring concrete slabs and setting the system, with rock positioned between the slabs. Ozark Crane will transport the unit to the Ava airport.

According to city officials, the outlay to purchase a brand new airport fueling system can cost as much as $82,000, and this offer was an outstanding opportunity for the City of Ava.

With a 4-0 vote, council approved buying a new 2016 International rear-loader-body trash truck for $127,652. According to Norman, the City had budgeted $88,000 for the expense, and to offset the remainder of the balance, the city’s 1999 International trash truck valued at $40,000 would be traded-in to complete the deal. Norman said the upgrade was being implemented because one of the trash trucks now in use was too small to complete the entire pick-up route in one trip.

Motions in favor were tendered by aldermen Burrely Loftin and Leon Harris.

New mowers for the maintenance department were also approved by the board of aldermen. In a 4-0 vote, Norman advised Larson Farm and Lawn John Deere dealership had agreed to accept three of the city’s present mowers as a trade-in and to replace the units with three updated mowers for $16,322, an expense included in the budget. Councilmen Burrely Loftin and Keith Jones made the motions.

In a unanimous vote, council gave approval to pay for termite treatment at the maintenance building, located across the street from the park and city pool area. Council engaged Rod Richardson for the task, and the cost estimate was $1558.

In other business, Norman said seven to eight general contractors expressed interest in the bid process for the remodel of the bank building on South Jefferson. Based on the project timeline, bids will be on the agenda of the July 23rd meeting.

Norman advised the relocation to the new city hall site will require a new telephone system, and a request for bids will be published next week.   In preparation for the move, he also advised the main server for city utilities being moved in-house, and the process had started last week. The server was previously housed in Branson, Mo.

During closed session, council discussed pending litigation and personnel issues, but no motions or decisions were cited.