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What About This…? 7.2.2015

By Wayne William Cipriano

Now that the Same Sex Marriage (SSM) Controversy has been settled by the Supreme Court of the United States of America and is legal in the entire country, there seems to be some question as to how quickly SSM will become culturally accepted.

You do not get credit for an accurate guess unless you announce the guess publicly and risk being wrong publicly….  A lot like my guess that Barack Obama could never be elected President in modern day America.

My guess concerning the cultural acceptance of SSM is that such acceptance will come more quickly and remain more concretely than anyone expects.

You might think my reasons stretch from the growing sophistication of modern-day American citizens all the way to the enhanced business opportunities presented by this new class of married persons.  And, I suppose, all those reasons are to some degree pertinent.  But my chief reason for the cultural acceptance of SSM is invisibility.

When you think about it, SSM participants only come to public attention when they apply for a state marriage license.  After that, the ceremony is relatively private and the rest of their married lives are, as is the case with most of us marrieds, fairly private as well.

Unlike race, for example, you cannot identify one member of a SSM by sight.  And, even a recently married couple expressing that newly found joy in being linked together is not necessarily identified as a SSM – could be just an affectionate couple unjoined by law.

Most of the things, almost all legal, that SSM persons will now be doing will be done in private. Things like inheriting property, making health decisions for each other, guiding the lives of their children, and all the other things marrieds do.

So, couples joined in SSM will not be all that visible and because SSM will not be noticed, SSM will be accepted perhaps even quickly, as just another expression of human behavior.

Now, here is something for you to think about:  How can we spread a similar Cloak of Invisibility over all those other factually fictitious but none the less troubling social bigotries that seem to drag down our society –– a society that in so many other respects is cooking right along?

Ask your kids, “Where is Harry Potter when we could really use his Cloak?”