Douglas County Veterans Memorial Association Is Seeking Charter Members

The Douglas County Veterans Memorial Association has continued its forward march to develop a memorial association that will continue to serve Ava and Douglas County.
Organizers say the focus is to memorialize the veterans and give them credit for all their sacrifices throughout the history of the United States. Membership in the memorial association is not limited to veterans in the way the nationally recognized veterans service organizations qualify their members.
This is not a veterans association, but rather a veterans memorial association, and as such, membership is open to anyone who is interested in serving the community and recognizing local veterans and senior citizens.
The association will not just be working with veterans to help them obtain all the benefits to which they are entitled, but will also be working with senior citizens, the schools to provide clothing, coats and shoes for the children, and nursing homes.
In the past few weeks, the veterans association has been completing the organizational charts and responsibilities that involves local citizens and members.
The local organization has been working on a logo, unique to the veterans of Douglas County. The basic design has been completed and it is being developed by a professional artist. That artist has also agreed to give the organization the copyright to the art work and logo so it can be used and copied as necessary.
In recent weeks, officers have been elected and a board of directors has been established, along with working committees to deal with specific needs that have been developed.  Memberships are now being actively solicited in the organization.  Those individuals or businesses who join before March will be considered “Charter” members and will be recognized with a charter certificate and also have their name listed on the charter parchment which will be framed and displayed on the wall of the facility.
For information on the Douglas County Veterans Memorial Association and how to become a member you may contact any of our members or call Larry Morrison, 683-0188.