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Man Arrested For Damage at Ava City Parks

On Dec. 24, the Ava Police Department received a report of property damage at both the upper and lower sections of the Ava City Park on NW 3rd Ave.
Some person or persons had used a vehicle to spin around and “cut donuts” on both the grassy area and in the gravel.
The information was passed onto the night officers.
One week later, on Dec. 31, Ava Police Lieutenant Trent Murray received information on a suspect that damaged the park. On the same date Ava officers David Overcast and  Jason Owens made an arrest on Austin Olsen, of Bruner.
Police Chief Reggie Johnson said Olsen admitted that he had done the damage to both parks. He was subsequently issued a property damage citation to appear in court in January 2015.
Chief Johnson said, “I want to thank all my officers for their hard work on this case, and the public that came forward with information. Without the public’s trust in law enforcement we couldn’t solve a lot of our cases; thanks again for putting your trust in us.”
If you need to report criminal activity, and live within the city limits, call the Ava Police Department at 417-683-2931. “Remember, you can remain anonymous,” says Chief Johnson.