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Historical Society Meets Sept. 16; Plans Haunted Museum for Halloween

The Douglas County Historical and Genealogical Society held its monthly meeting Sept. 16.
Sally called the meeting to order.  Sharon read the minutes and gave the treasurer’s report, and both were approved.
Sharon gave a report on the cost of a new copier and it was decided to try to get a grant to help pay for it.
The society has signed up for Amazon Smile, so any time you buy from Amazon you can make a donation to the the Historical Society and Museum.
Tom reported that an Ava High School art student is interested in making a pen and ink drawing of historical places and things.  This was continued until next month.
It was decided to have the haunted museum again this year and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as last year.  It will be open every Saturday in October.
The business card was continued until next month.
The Journal is just about ready to go to press, we need one more story and our dedication page and it will be complete.
Tom gave a report on the new Family History Book they are publishing for Taney County. Marilyn made a motion we buy one and Pat made the second. If anyone is interested in putting their family history in it, please contact the White River Valley Historical Society, PO Box 841, Forsyth, Mo. 65653.  There is a deadline so don’t wait too long if you are interested.
Tom also paid for the membership to the Legion so that they can display the flag at the museum for all designated holidays.
The display that was chosen for the month of October has to do with Halloween, so we look forward to that.
We have had several new Items donated, including several pictures nicely framed of  airplanes that might have flown during the War. One is even an oil painting.
After a general discussion of display problem and other items of business Sharon made a motion to adjourn and Pat seconded it.
The next meeting will be Oct. 20.