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What About This…? 12.19.2013

By Wayne William Cipriano

Those of us who enjoy discussing political subjects had a full plate over the last few weeks, and just in time for Thanksgiving table talk.

Of course, since we wanted to avoid the annual celebration of Flying Family Fisticuffs, we all promised to speak rationally (emphasis on facts and quiet yet committed conversation) as opposed to emotionally (frequently infused with hopes, dreams and bombastic propaganda).

What did we have to talk about?

Shutting down the Federal Government: Did it really happen? Who was responsible? How much damage was done? How much good?

Obamacare: The website? The big lie? The cost? The benefits? The long-term prospects for health care improved? Debilitated?

The end of the filibuster in the United States Senate and the unin­tentional paradox of Article I Section 5 Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of the Tea Party: Necessary irritant? Useless attention deflector and paralysis inducer?

The Iranian deal on nuclear enrichment: Will Israel act? Is North Korea illustrative of the problem?

Troops remaining in Afghanistan: Good idea? How long?

Kennedy assassination: Where were you? Was Oswald alone?

And, most important of all, some method to control the length if not the intensity of these discussions so that none impinge upon foot­ball, thus insuring the only interrup­tions will be pumpkin pie with whipped cream at the end of the first quarter, and a turkey sandwich and beer at the beginning of the fourth (for those who remain awake).

A full plate by all these various measures is the hallmark of a suc­cessful Thanksgiving Day, and ours was perfect –– except for the food fight that developed over the last Parker House roll and the insuffera­bly incorrect positions taken by those family members who disa­greed with me.