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Looking Backward 10.31.2013

25 Years Ago

October 27, 1988


Mayor Bud Norman said Farm­ers Home Administration, which is funding the city’s sewer improve­ment project, is encouraging the city to enforce its ordinance requiring all households to be con­nected to the city sewer system. Norman said the city will begin next week determining those homes which are not hooked up and will notify those owners of the ordi­nance. The ordinance says homes that are within 100 feet of a main sewer line must be connected to the public facility.

The Ava High School volleyball squad defeated Houston in the first round of Missouri 3A District 9 Tournament play at Mtn. Grove Monday night to advance to the semifinals tonight.

Corbett and Myrtle Brown will be celebrating their 73rd wedding anniversary on Sunday, Oct. 30 at 2 o’clock. The party will be held at Crestview Healthcare in Ava.

Miss Richelle Roberts was crowned 1988-89 Homecoming Queen during halftime ceremonies at the Ava-Houston football game here Friday night.

Bill Roark, Springfield, was re-elected to a second one-year term as president of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association at the annual meeting of the organization in Ava last Saturday night.

FOX CREEK –– Kelly Dobbs was among those in Springfield to see Vice-President Bush.

DRURY –– A visitor in these parts last week made this remark to one of the “natives” here – “you don’t know how fortunate you are to be living in such a beautiful country.”

RED BUD VILLAGE –– Nellie Norman spent Sunday with her brother Glenn Harnden and another brother, Ray, from St. Louis.

50 Years Ago

October 24, 1963


Two men from the Vanzant area of Douglas County, about 25 miles east of Ava,, were jailed in Greene County Wednesday of last week on charges of violating the liquor laws.  The men were arrested by four federal agents at 7:40 a.m. for possession of an illegal still, possession of illegal mash, and distilling of untaxed whiskey.  The officers seized the greater part of 30 gallons of mash.

A bolt of lightning struck a farm home about five miles east of Ava during a brief local thunderstorm Wednesday afternoon last week and injured a woman in the house. Lightning struck the house on what is known as the Thomas Hays farm on Hunter Road, occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Hays.

The Ava Bears ran up a 35-0 lead over the Houston Tigers here last Friday night to give homecoming football fans a treat of their explosive offense.

Miss Sherry Garrison, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vasal Garrison of Route 3, Ava, was crowned as homecoming queen in a ceremony preceding last Friday night’s Ava-Houston football game.

The introduction of TAB, a newly developed low calorie beverage, has been announced by Ray L. Massie, Jr., vice president of the Salem Coca-Cola Bottling Company. The new beverage, which has been under development for several years by the Coca-Cola Company, is rated at one calorie per six-ounce serving.   Initially, TAB will be distributed here in ten ounce bottles.

Mrs. Howard Pettit hostessed a meeting of the Ava Art Group Wednesday evening, Oct. 6, at her home on Fifth Street.  A refreshment course was served to guest, Mrs. King Shollenberger, and the following members, Mrs. Carl Henley, Mrs. Ben Callaway, Mrs. James Curry, Mrs. Virgil Kester, Mrs. Bill Pettit, Mrs. Jerry Williams,, Mrs. Wallace Williams, Miss Gloria Kuhn, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Haden.

An all-new engine made of weldable magnesium alloy, extra light, extra tough and extra strong has been announced by Pioneer Saws, a product of Outboard Marine Corporation.  It is now on display at the Western Auto Store, Ava, and at the Wonder Store, Route 5, local Pioneer dealer.

CHAMPION –– Still hot and dry around here. Water is getting scarce with so many ponds nearly dry. We had a shower last week but only enough to settle the dust for a day, but that meant a lot.

PLEASANT HOPE –– The drought is getting serious in this community. We are drawing water out of the well for our cattle and all our ponds but one are day; also, the spring.  Henry Newberry is hauling water from the Miller spring for his stock.

Gossip can take an inch of fact and stretch it into a mile of scandal.

Ava Dry Goods Shoe Sale –– 2 pairs, $5 or $2.59 per pair. Reg. $2.98 shoes.


75 Years Ago

October 27, 1938


A broken and scenic region of the heart of the Ozarks, Douglas County, spelled Douglass in the organization bill, was organized by an act of the legislature on October 29, 1857, eighty-one years ago this week, the 110th county to be organized.  It was named for Stephen A. Douglas, the senator from Illinois.  Territorial changes in 1864 and 1872 gave the county a land area of 804 square miles, making it the 11th largest county in the state.  When Douglas County was organized in 1857 it had a population of 2,461. There was not a slave owned in the county in 1860, and today the county has no negroes, and less than fifty persons of foreign birth.

A verbal blow at W.P. Hawkins, Democratic candidate for repre­sentative, and owner of the Brown Derby Café, was struck here Tues­day in two meetings of a county temperance rally by P.A. Tate, superintendent of the Anti-Saloon League of Missouri.   Tate ad­dressed a gathering at the Method­ist Church Tuesday afternoon and another in the school auditorium Tuesday night.  “We want you on election day two weeks from to­day,” he said, “when you go to the polls to vote right. There is only one way to vote. That is for the lady who has served you for four years.”  Without mentioning the names of either of the two candi­dates, Tate recommended Mrs. Stewart over her opponent because “he is running a tavern – he is a saloon man.”

Levi Krider of Toledo last week purchased the Ed Herrell property south of town near the city limits. Mr. Krider plans to occupy the place sometime in the future.

When Shakespeare, in his “mid-summer Night’s Dream” wrote “Lord what fools these mortals be,” little did he know now expertly he was describing the present-day motorists who go racing over our highway at night depending upon the limited effectiveness of their headlights to illumine their paths.   Until major highways are provided with adequate lighting, making them as safe at night as they are in the day, there can be but one solution, “When darkness comes, slow down!”

Now in Pennsylvania a wood-chuck hunter must have a state license, cannot kill more than four in a day, and must observe a six weeks closed season.

At the New Wilson Theatre –– “Give Me A Sailor”, with Martha Raye, Bob Hope, Betty Grable in one of the most sparkling comedies you’ll ever see. A new type picture for Martha Raye.

EAST VANZANT –– Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ridenhour moved on the farm with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gott. Howard will run his father-in-law’s farm this coming year.

Buy for less at Nichol’s 5 & 10¢ store.  Specials – Bedroom slippers, colored felt – all sizes, only 38¢ pair; work shirts, men’s and boys’, sanforized, heavy chambray, triple stitch, 2 large collars, only 43¢ each; wash dresses, 21¢ each.


100 Years Ago

November 6, 1913


The United States Post Office was established in 1789 and there were originally seventy-five post offices.  In the first full year of its existence, in 1790, these seventy-five post offices produced a gross revenue of $37,935, and the expenditures of the Department amounted to $32,149.  It is found that by the year 1850 the number of offices had increased to 1,295, and a hundred years ago, in 1813, there were 2,708 post offices with a gross revenue of $703,154, and gross expenditures, of $681,011.

A son of George Worth, section foreman of the KCO&S Ry., residing near Bryant, was shot in both legs while hunting Thursday morning. The young man was examining a trap at the time and it is possible his gyn discharged causing the accident. After medical attention he is improving nicely.

We have had the first snow of the season and a big one at that.

BRUSHYKNOB –– A baby girl has made its appearance at the home of Harry Baker.

GIRDNER –– Mr. James Johnson has completed his new silo and purchased a ten-horse power International oil burner engine and an Ohio silage cutter and he is now filling his silo.

The Whites Creek School is now having spelling contests every Friday evening. All are cordially invited.

DENLOW –– Harry Spurlock is quite busy repairing the phone lines since the storm.

Mr. and Mrs. Guss Boone are the proud parents of a fine baby girl which made its arrival last week.

Miss Lissie Upshaw and George H. Jennings were united in marriage Tuesday, October 28, at half after eight in the evening, at the home of the bride’s grandmother, Mrs. Nancy Marler. Rev. T.A. Moore performed the ceremony, the guest list included fifteen relatives and friends.

BASHER and VICINITY –– Everybody was surprised to see the snow that fell the 27th of Oct. We rarely have as deep snow during any part of the winter.

Wedding, Nov. 11, Opera House –– Don’t fail to see Tom Thumb Wedding.  Played by over 60 Ava children for benefit Baptist Church.  100 laughs in 100 minutes.  Admission 35 and 15 cents.  Next Tuesday.

Are you a woman? Then you are subject to a large number of troubles and irregularities, peculiar to women, which, in time, often lead to more serious trouble. A tonic is needed to help you over the hard places, to relieve weakness, headache, and other unnecessary pains, the signs of weak nerves and over-work.  Take Cardui, the woman’s tonic. You will never regret it, for it will certainly help you.

The first conviction has just been obtained in Oregon under a law which makes it a misdemeanor to insert false advertisements in the newspapers.  Oregon is, so far as we are aware, the only state where this sort of legislation has reached the statute books.


125 Years Ago

November 8, 1888


President Cleveland has issued his annual proclamation setting apart Thursday, November 29th for Thanksgiving Day. It is now time to commence to fatten the turkey.

The township organization was a failure. Too many votes against it. The county cut off was no go. Not a single township was in favor of it. It was defeated by a large majority in the very township from which it was originated.

The election is over, but taxpaying is now the most prosperous business in town.  B. M. Burchell defeated Henry Harless for judge of the western district by a handsome majority, while John Heard simply paralyzed the wheeler candidate in the eastern district.

Simon Lakey was elected constable by a majority of 50.

The proposition to build a jail was defeated by an overwhelming majority. The people have decided that it is better for Douglas County to send her prisoners away from home, thereby increasing her debt, than to build a jail. A bad decision, but we guess it is fair.

The Columbia (S.C.) Register says: “It is evident that the renowned P.T. Barnum has a good opinion of South Carolina real estate, for he has recently given to his granddaughter, the wife of Hanry P. Clarke, $100,000 for the purpose of buying and equipping the noted “Goodwill” Plantation, which was formerly owned by the late Judge E. Elliott Huger.  “Goodwill” is one of the finest estates in the South, containing upward of seven thousand acres, including magnificent waterpower.

It seems that the faith cure works both ways.  A Georgia woman prayed that her husband might fall sick and die, and away he went with typhus fever in less than four weeks.

The far off country of Somoa is showing signs of progress. One of the latest laws is that a fine of $100  be imposed upon every member of the legislature who attends the session without his clothes.

Says an old Yale college man: “I never knew whether to attach any significance to it or not, but when I was in college the law school adjoined the jail; the medical college was next to the cemetery; and the divinity school was on the road to the poor house.”

In Douglas County, the full Republican ticket was elected, with the exception of prosecuting attorney. This office was captured by a Democrat, running on the wheeler ticket and supported by bolting Republicans.

In Missouri, Francis is elected governor by about 16,500 plurality. The Republicans will carry the eighth, ninth and probably the tenth Congressional districts, but the Democrats redeem the Kansas City district.