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Ava Art Guild Fall Art Show Winners Are Announced

This advanced acrylic by Thomas Holt was selected as Judge's Choice at the Ava Art Guild Fall Art Show.

The Ava Art Guild’s Fall Art Show was held this past week with a total of 77 entries.
Selected as Judge’s Choice was an advanced acrylic by Thomas Holt, “Standing on Bryant Creek.”
People’s Choice for both adult and youth categories will be announced later.
Following are the winners as announced by the Art Guild.
Beginning Acrylic
1st Rosanne Fox, “Along the Dragon Coast”; 2nd Maxine Lirely, “Last Coach of the Day”; 3rd Rosanne Fox, “Butterfly”; 4th Karen Brown, “True Peace.”
Intermediate Acrylic
1st Megan Manzolillo, “Mannequin”; 2nd Bill Walley, “Swan Creek”; 3rd Bill Walley, “Casey Bros Store.”
Advanced Acrylic
1st Rita Fancher, “Out to Pasture”; 2nd Thomas Holt, “Ozark Morning Fog”; 3rd Ari Gray, “He Awaits”; 4th Thomas Holt, “Bull Shoals Bluff”; Honorable Mention Thomas Holt, “Last Days of Tall Grass.”
Advanced Watercolor
1st Deborah Lively , “Sea Turtle Fantasy”; 2nd Jeane Huff, “Chintz Pattern”; 3rd Deborah Lively, “Sea Turtle”; 4th Deborah Lively, “Flamingo”; Honorable Mention Jeannette Rees, “George the Red-headed Duck.”
Intermediate Oil
1st Ari Gray, “Stand”; 2nd Kathy Reser, “Spring Song.”
Advanced Mixed Media
1st Regina Robertson, “Strut”; 2nd Margie Smith, “Wooden Roses”; 3rd Margie Smith, “Pink Posies.”
1st Donna Howard, “Autumn Sunrise”; 2nd Margie Smith, “Pitcher & Pears”; 3rd Donna Howard, “Snow Melt”; 4th Donna Howard, “The High Road”; Honorable Mention Donna Howard, “Haying Time”
Advanced Pencil
1st Liz Jenkins, “Waterwheel”; 3rd Liz Jenkins, “Dawt Mill Autumn 2012.”
Beginning Photography
1st Regina Robertson, “Washington National Cathedral”; 2nd CP Stillings, “Birds”; 3rd CP Stillings, “Mendocino Rocks”; 4th Ana Felix, “Go with the Tide”; Honorable Mention Karen Brown, “Sweet Smells.”
Advanced Photography
1st Richmond Smith, “Gnarled Post.”
1st Jim Davis, “Wild Turkey”; 2nd Margie Smith, “Grapes”; 3rd Candi Butler, “Polar Bear”; 4th David Frohman, “Semi-hauler Truck”; Honorable Mention David Frohman, “5 Piece Ranch.”
Colored Pencil
1st Chalice Sleep, “Sleeping Puppy”; 2nd Jack Sleep, “Sailing Ship”; 4th Lillie Ballor, “Colorful Kente Cloth.”
1st Luke Howard, “Still Life’; 2nd Elizabeth Penn, “Self Portrait”; 3rd Grace Robertson, “The Yearling”; 4th Britanny Roberston, “Dragon Tattoo”; 1st Brianna Robertson, “At Rest”; 2nd Aimee Raines, “Baby Barn Owl”; 4th Twanda Glick, “Untitled.”
2nd Titus Howard, “The Amazing Tree House”; 3rd Ella Bingham, “Flower & Flower.”
4th Nick Nantz, “Dragon in the Mist”; 4th Nick Nantz, “When the Blues Move In”; 4th Nick Nantz, “Sunburned Snowman.”
1st Hunter Watson, “Fern Falls”; 2nd Hunter Watson, “Bee Mine”; 3rd Hunter Watson, “Mighty Cat’s Legacy”; 3rd Hunter Watson, “Perspective”; 1st Hunter Watson, “Village Inn Sign”; 2nd Hunter Watson, “Stagazer Lily.”
1st Sam Sleep, “Blacksmith”; 2nd Meagan Sonnier, “McD’s”; 3rd Alexa Sonnier, “Farm Animals.”