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Hamby-Frye Reunion Attended By More Than 130 Family & Friends

The Hamby-Frye family reunion was held Saturday, Sept. 14, at the Frank and Mary Williams farm, southwest of Ava, (near Smallett, Mo.).  More than 130 family members and friends attended the reunion.
The reunion consisted of a pot luck dinner at the farm and a stage coach journey from the farm to the old Smallett Store and back.  The original Butterfield Stage Coach was provided by Rick Hamby from West Plains, Mo.  The team of horses was provided by Bud Clinkingbeard of Ava, Mo. The stage coach was driven by Rod Johnson of Ava.
The stage coach journey from the farm to Smallett had eight stops to load and unload passengers.  The passengers were family members, friends and neighbors along the route.
The family members and friends that signed the guest book were: Frank and Mary Williams, Ava; Danny, Jeanna, Kenna, Macy, and Emma Humble, Ozark; Gene and Dorothy Myers, Springfield; Martha Lee Marshall, John Robbins, Ella and Ava Smith, Bolivar; Tracie and Todd Baker, Pueblo, Colo.; Joe and Wilma Hamby, Ava; Nancy Burns, Ava; Rod Hamby, Grant Hamby and Phyllis Hamby, West Plains; Jim Sell, Ava; Ron Brooks, Squires; Bob and Gaye (Hamby) Lee, Springfield; Mica and Cy Rae Campbell, Chad and Jessica LaBelle, Connor, Caleb, and Moriah LaBelle, Springfield; Carl and Diana (Hamby) King, Springfield; Carol Sue Watterson, Mansfield; Luna White, Sue Tyler, Bob and Janice White, Christina Woods, John and Teresa White, Rogersville; Charlie and Brenda Teeslink, Berkley Baker, Springfield; Bobbie Morgan, Bolivar; Katrice Kirlin, Bolivar; Katlynne Ingerson, Rogersville; Bob and Wilda Watterson, Mansfield; Shannon and Patricia Watterson, Halle Rae, Payton and Judd Watterson, Mansfield; Todd Elliott and Sue Elliott, Springfield; Danny and Jamie Dry, Squires; Bill Frye; Aaron, Tiffany, Jacob, Kile and Brock Gray, Mansfield; Shaun, Surena, Rachel, and Wyatt Wirth; Roger and Jana Copeland, Gordon and Sue (Hobbs) Elliott, Springfield; Mike Hamby, Mahayla, Miley and Lucas Hamby, Ozark; Tawna, Brock and Greenlee Cuzzort; John S. Williams, Springfield; Kendra Frye and Challen Edwards, Hailey Frye, Gay Ann (Myers) and Blake Shuler, Springfield; Steve and Alec Williams, Greenwood, Carisa, Maddie and Landon Long, Ken and Janet Denton, Steve and Kay Myers and Tanya Woffard, Ozark; Tammy Myers, Garrett Sutherland, Ethan Sutherland; Jimmy and Jean Frye, Squires; Autum Miller, Squires; Benji Dry, Cori Dry, Ava; Jim and Gaytha Watterson, Ava; Dean Vance, Ava; Wendy Maag, Ava; Bill and Marsha Bruner, Ava; Rod Johnson, Ava; Bud and LeVelle Clinkingbeard, Ava; Andy Clinkingbeard, Russelville, Ark.; Jason, Felicia, and Eli Williams, Lawson, Mo.; Rusty Frye, Squires; Toby and Jacinda Sheppard, Ava.