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Wright County Retired Teachers/All Other Support Personal Meeting March 19, 2013.

Those in attendance:  Karen Sinning, Jimmie and Sharon Marler, Irma Jean Betts, Ruby Ely, Louise Murr, Jessica McCleary, Greta Webb, Nancy Smith, Wilma Hutsell, Gail Lawson, Pat Edquist, Elaine Duey, Sue Durden, Reta Tyrrell, Susie Graham, Donna Streight, Leon Pendergrass, Charlene Murrell, Vicki Stewart, Bonnie Maxwell, two guests from Assisted Living, and speaker, Lauren Hughes.  Nancy Smith led the pledge and Ruby Ely gave the devotion.  Speaker:  Lauren Hughes told about herself and about the Hartville Area Chamber of Commerce.  She explained dues and fundraisers by the Chamber.  New events to get people into town are:  a haunted hayride, Wynne Varble Show, Chamber social, Living History event (the Re-enactment at the Steele Mansion), town clean up, and the 4 murals painted by Jimmie Marler.  The town had the Lake Casador Park project to build a new pavilion and get new playground equipment. Goal is to make Hartville like it once was with businesses and lots of people at events; and to preserve the history of Hartville.   Lauren told about the Battle of Hartville in 1863; she told all about the Steele Mansion and the owner E.C. Steele; how the mansion was built; who had lived there; what the mansion is like inside; no ghosts; new owners- Brad and Rita Bohannan, etc. We appreciate Lauren for a great program.  Jessica McCleary was also in attendance.  She spoke on the Wright Co. Children’s Home.  They are gearing up for Easter.  Our mission is the Home, so we bring items to every meeting.  Business Meeting:  Minutes read by Sharon Marler.  Wilma Hutsell made a motion to accept them.  Nancy Smith seconded.  All in favor.  Treasurer report by Sue Durden.  Balance $160.32.  Ruby Ely made a motion to accept and Jimmie Marler seconded.  All in favor.    Karen Sinning explained a petition we needed to sign and get back to Jefferson City by March 25.  Lamping has introduced bills SB 474, 475, 476, and 477.  Basically he wants to require the board of trustees of the Public School Retirement System of Mo. to establish a defined contribution plan for members hired on or after July 1, 2014.  Our system has $30.5 billion in the retirement fund; we are 85% funded with our own funds.  The state wants our funds to place in other accounts.  As of March 21st email, Jim Kreider has over 12,000 signatures to show that we are not in favor of Lamping’s bills.  Jimmie Marler brought 3 Civil War Prints to hand out:  those winning the drawings were:  Leon Pendergrass, Nancy Smith, and Rita Tyrrell.  Our next 2 meetings are:  April 16- the Christian Academy will sing for us and we will keep you updated on legislation.  May 21st– Susanne Howard will have a program on the Fruit Research Station.  If you did not get a letter telling dates and programs, please call Karen Sinning 668-5994 and we will send you a letter.  It will also be in the paper under Calendar of Events monthly.  We always meet at 10 a.m. at the Country Living/ Assisted Living facility north of the Fruit Research Station- the 3rd Tuesdays in March, April, May, September, October, and November.  Questions:  call Karen Sinning, President at 668-5994, or Jimmie Marler, Vice President at 741-7318.  Guests are welcome!