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Contenders for Congressional Seat Attend Forum in Ava

Approximately 70 people, including 10 members of the 8th Congressional Committee, attended the Republican candidate forum that featured 11 contenders for Jo Ann Emerson’s congressional seat on Tuesday, Jan. 15.

The successful forum was put on by the Douglas County Republican Committee.   Ross McElvain opened the meeting, Bill Cardin gave the invocation, Kaleb Luna moderated, and Beth McElvain was the timekeeper. The candidates were isolated and brought out one at a time to answer the same set of questions:

1.   What is the purpose of government?

2.   What is the purpose of the 2nd Amendment?

3.   What are the duties of Congress and your priorities?

4.   Does Federal law trump State law? Explain.

5.   What can Congress do about Executive Orders?

6.   Where and how much would you cut the Federal budget?

7.   Should Congress raise the debt ceiling? Why   or why not?

To view or listen to the candidates’ answers go to

Next meeting will be Thursday, Feb. 21 and will concentrate on Agenda 21 legislation.

Representative Lyle Rowland will attend and discuss legislative affairs. This will be a time to talk with Lyle and express your views on current issues.