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Lions Prepare for 71st Halloween Costume Contest

With only a few days to go till Halloween, the Ava Lions have completed the final preparations on this year’s costume contest.

The contest will be conducted on Halloween evening, Wednesday, Oct. 31, at the gazebo on the square.

The Lions are trying to make the evening a more fun and safe outing for the kids by coordinating with the businesses on the square to open till 6 p.m. so the youngsters can trick or treat until the costume contest begins.

In addition, the Lions have provided 12 tables for businesses to utilize so the kids can trick or treat those businesses, as well. Those tables will be set up on the inside lanes of the square so the kids will not be exposed to automobile traffic.

This year, to make it fun for the merchants, the Lions have asked those businesses with tables to decorate the tables in the typical Halloween decorum. Those tables will be judged and the winning table will receive two buffet lunches from a local restaurant.

In order to keep things organized, the following schedule will be maintained. The contest will begin at 6 p.m., beginning with the young ones from newborn to age 1. There will be 20 classes based on age groups. Each year is an age group, so a group will be age 1 to 2, then 2 to 3, etc. The last group will be age 20 and older.

All contestants age 12 and younger will receive at least one dollar. At age 13 and up, only the five winners in each age group will receive a monetary prize. In addition, all participants will receive a candy bar courtesy of the Ava Lions and a carton of milk courtesy of Buddy Irby and Hiland Dairy. There will be three $20 winners. The overall winner of the costume contest will receive $20. An additional $20 will be awarded to the youngest contestant and to the oldest contestant.

In addition to the merchants on the square and those utilizing a table there will be several supporters greeting the youngsters out of the trunk of their vehicles. The kids are encouraged to “trunk or treat” those vehicles with their trunks open.

John Weisbrod, Lions president said, “Our focus is to make sure the children have a happy experience and a safe evening. This has been the objective of the Ava Lions for the years we have been sponsoring the costume contest.”

Regardless of where you trick or treat, the Ava Lions wish you all a safe and happy Halloween.