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Drug Investigations Result In Multiple Arrests In Texas County

In the early morning hours of Thursday, Aug. 23, officers from multiple state, county, and city law enforcement agencies concluded a series of long-term narcotics investigations in Texas County.
Over the course of approximately three years, officers with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the South Central Drug Task Force, Texas County and Wright County sheriff’s departments, and Cabool, Houston, Licking, Mountain Grove, and Summersville police departments conducted a series of narcotics investigations involving the distribution/sales/possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, and prescription medications.
The investigation involved approximately 46 individuals in and around the Texas County, Missouri, area.  Grand jury indictments for each defendant were obtained through the Texas County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office prior to the mass arrest operation initiated Thursday morning.
Arrest teams consisted of members of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Texas County Sheriff’s Department, Cabool Police Department, Houston Police Department, Licking Police Department, Mountain Grove Police Department, Summersville Police Department, and South Central Drug Task Force.
Following is a list of individuals arrested and charged with the distribution of a controlled substance:
Dalton R. Backues, 21, Licking; Jerry W. Bolden, 60, Houston; Christina Brotherton, 42, Licking;  Jessica N. Brown, 28, Mountain Grove; Brandon P. Duneske, 34, Houston; Jesse L. Houston, 25, Licking; Arthur L. Huffman, 35, Cabool; Karen Katzman, 57, Licking; William J. Keller, 27, Licking; Evelyn R. Klein, 37, Bucyrus; Jo A. Korbus, 55, Licking; Robert B. Korbus, 52, Licking; Dawn D. Lord, 33, Licking; Jeffrey A. Mabrey, 42, Houston; Thomas R. McGuire, 49, Raymondville; Candice D. Mitchell, 40, Cabool; Christopher T. Mitchell, 30, Mountain Grove; Deeann M. Morris, 31, Licking; Craig L. Porter, 42, Edgar Springs; Douglas Reeves, 39, Salem;  James W. Reid, 64, Cabool; Jennifer L. Royal, 23, Licking; Robin L. Shelton, 30, Mountain Grove; Carrie L. Stafford, 33, Mountain Grove; Kay Lynn Stalder, 48, Mountain Grove; Michael D. Sullins, 41, Licking; Wendy L. Sullins, 33, Licking; Christina M. Villarreal, 23, Houston; Theresa L. Villarreal, 45, Houston; James D. Wakenight, 32, Summersville; Hal D. Wallace, 38, Mansfield; Cassadie L. Washburn, 20, Houston; Christine White, 45, Raymondville; Diana M. Wilder, 29, Licking; Michael W. Wilder, 49, Licking; James J. Woolsey, 22, Summersville; Matthew J. Young, 30, Bucyrus.
The following individual was arrested on outstanding warrants from Texas County, Wright County, and the city of Mountain Grove; Timothy E. Sullins, 32, Raymondville.
This operation is active and arrest teams are still seeking to arrest those indicted.
The charges for which these individuals were arrested are mere accusations and are not evidence of guilt.  Evidence in support of the charges must be presented before a court of competent jurisdiction whose duty is to determine guilt or innocence.