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MFTHBA Crowns Winners

By Ben Coffman the 63rd World Show and Celebration came to a conclusion Saturday at MFTHBA World Headquarters in Ava, Missouri. Saturday nights events seen the crowing of World Grand Champions and Reserve World Grand Champions in the final twelve class of the 8 day event. A total of 138 classes were exhibited since Sunday September 5th.

Saturday nights event opened up with the Flag bearers presenting the colors of the United States, The State of Missouri, The Association flag, and the Youth Association Flag. This was followed by the National Anthem and prayer. Then there was a moment of silence as 13 black fox trotters were led into the arena to symbolize the members of the association that we had lost in the past year. The 13 horses also payed tribute to the fallen marines lost in Afghanistan earlier this month.

The competition opened up with the Youth 11 and under WGC-Top 10 from classes 14 and 17 which competed on Sunday the 5th. Mama Mia with Miley Morlan was crowned World Grand Champion. My Daddy is Grand with Reese Huffman was crowned Reserve Grand World Champion.

The Open Amateur 2-Year Old class, which featured the Top 10 from class 41 that competed on Monday the 6th. Melody Naugle on Cowgirl Legend was crowned the World Grand Champion. With Larry Kilroy with Foxy Lady receiving the Reserve Grand Champion.

The next class to reward a Grand Championship was the Open Senior Model. Rick Mathews on Ladi Ladia won the Grand World Championship. Reserve World Grand Champ went to Tom’s Traveling Mac with handler Daley Dobson of Ava, Missouri.

Class 130 the Open 2 Year Olds, consisting of the top 10 from Class 44, which competed on Monday the 6th. Grand World Champion went to Brian Diggs and Charming Marissa. Reserve Grand Champion was won by Mr. Lonely and Brand Matlock.

The next class was 131 the Youth 12-14 World Grand Champion-Top 10 from classes 15 and 19, which competed on Sunday the 5th. Grand World Champion went to Mustang Sally and Colby Bilyeu. Reserve Grand World Champion was awarded to Charming Millie and Coltan Dampier.

Up next was Class 132 the Amateur owned 3 year old WGC-Top 10 from Classes 66 and 72, which competed on Tuesday the 7th. Grand World Champion was awarded to Legends Lady Mayhem with rider Andy Mantel. Reserve Grand World Champion went to That Be It with Autumn Larkowski.

Class 133 the Open 3 year old division consisting of the Top 10 from Classes 70 and 74 which competed earlier this week on Tuesday the 7th. Grand Fox with Garrett King was crowned the Grand World Champion, with Gretchen Wilson and David Ogle being crowned Reserve Grand World Champion.

Next was the Youth 15-17 World Grand Championship, consisting of Youth from classes 20 and 23 who competed Sunday the 5th. World Grand Champion was awarded to Lady Antebellum and Emma Jokisch, making her a 3 time World Grand Champion in the class. Reserve World Grand Champion was Heaven Help Us ridden by LuRoe Rutledge.

Next class to enter the arena was 135 the Amateur owned 4 year old class. Sorry I missed, the winner was giving an interview.

Class 136 Open 4 year old WGC. Taking home the World Grand Champion was Ozark Celebration ridden by David Ogle.

Class 137 Amateur owned 5 years or older WGC. Paul. Phillips and Grands Black Beauty took home the World Grand Championship, with Manhattan Miracle and Amber Wilson being crowned Reserve Grand World Champion.

The last class to exhibit in the 63rd World Show and Celebration was the Open 5 year or older WGC. Taking home World Champion with a load ovation from the crowd was Mike Rutledge on Legend of Annie Oakley. Reserve Grand Champion was Kings April Star ridden by Steve Dampier.