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Degase Elected Sheriff’s Assn. Sergeant of Arms

By Ben Coffman Douglas County Sheriff Chris Degase, was elected Sergeant of Arms of the Missouri Sheriff’s Association on August 18th at their conference in Lake of the Ozark.

The office is a 1-year term; every year the position moves up. There are seven positions Sergeant of Arms, Treasurer, Secretary, 3rd Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President, and President. So ideally the Sergeant of Arms, if re-elected by his county over the next 6 years, will be elected the new president of the Missouri Sheriff’s Association.

The job of the Sergeant of Arms is to make sure the meetings are run smoothly and that everyone who attends said meeting actually belong there. He is in charge of what ever the task the President ask for him to take on.

The Missouri Sheriff’s Association hold 2-3 mandated meetings a year.

Sheriff Degase said he will be making trips to Jefferson City to attend legislation meetings so he can get more information about the Sheriffs of the state of Missouri.

Chris Degase is in his fourth term and 13th year as the Sheriff of Douglas County.