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Historic Local Grist Mill

Rockbridge Rainbow Trout & Game Ranch was a popular place Sunday afternoon. The parking lots were full of cars and several people were roaming the grounds taking pictures and movies. These two fishermen enjoyed trying their hand at trout fishing. The big red mill building draws tourists who are interested in historic grist mills. In 1868, B.V. Morris rebuilt the original mill on its present day location. The Mill’s reconstruction was followed by the reinstatement of the post office, a general store, Masonic Lodge, bank, church, school, blacksmith shop, and a large farm house, known today as the White House. The village of Rockbridge was a gathering place for people from the countryside. A trip to the mill was a great occasion, enabling people to visit old friends and neighbors, to get their meal and flour, to utilize the post office, to vote on Election Day, and to get news of the outside world.