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Douglas County a COVID Hotspot

Graphic from Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

According to an update posted on Friday, July 16th by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services: 

DOUGLAS, TEXAS & WRIGHT COUNTIES: Your counties are experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases over the last week. Disease is expected to move east from Southwest Missouri.

The Delta variant, which spreads more easily and poses higher risk of hospitalization than prior variants, is believed to be contributing to the increase. Vaccination continues to be our best tool to move past this pandemic.

Case numbers for the last 14 days (approx.):

– Douglas: 82 total cases, with 52 in the last 7 days

– Texas: 100 total cases, with 64 in the last 7 days

– Wright: 111 total cases, with 70 in the last 7 days

Vaccination rates in Douglas (15.6%), Texas (20.8%) and Wright (22.3%) counties are below the state rate of nearly 40%. Experts say at least 70% of people need immunity to minimize spread within a community.

COVID-19 Resources

– Vaccines:

– At Home & Community Testing: Health.Mo.Gov/communitytest

Those who choose not to get vaccinated should continue these important public health steps:

– Maintain at least six feet distance from others;

– Wear a mask when appropriate;

– Avoid others that appear to be sick;

– Avoid others if you have COVID symptoms;

– Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue; and

– Wash your hands.

Later on Friday the Douglas County Health Department added:

“We are seeing a big spike in cases this week. We have had double digit cases reported everyday the  week with over 20 reported just today. The DELTA variant is considerably more contagious than the Alpha virus we had last fall/winter. With our first wave back in the fall we might see 1 or maybe 2 in a household get sick with the virus whereas we are seeing whole households become infected with the DELTA variant. It is more important than ever that we social distance and avoid large crowds right now. The Health Department as well as other businesses in Ava continue to offer the vaccine. If you or anyone you know is interested in receiving the vaccine or has questions about the vaccine just have them call the office and talk with one of our public health nurses.”

The Department can be reached at 683-4174.