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New Wellness Center Opens in Ava

By Doug Berger

After 26 plus years being involved in the healing arts, the Touch of Healing Wellness Center, is the first brick and mortar location Christina Chiffo has ever had to put all her services together and share her knowledge.

She has worked with a chiropractic neurologist, worked with massage and body treatments at the spa located in the Hotel Hershey, did nutritional counseling and massage in pain management physicians’ offices and worked with patients in cancer clinics, and worked on her own. She attended the Strengthening Health Institute for Macrobiotics in Philadelphia, Penn., along with other training.

Chiffo is a L.M.T., C.M.A., Certified Macrobiotic Educator, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach and a Reiki Master/teacher.

“We had been living in Colorado for three years and looked around for a place to go. I had friends that lived here. We came and stayed with them and really liked the area. We lived in Fordland for three years and had an opportunity to get a farm,” Chiffo explained.

The office held its formal ribbon cutting on April 5.

The Wellness Center will offer Macrobiotic whole foods cooking classes, macrobiotic education and nutritional counseling and personal cancer support and coaching. Also offered will be massage therapy, reflexology, cupping, ear candle therapy, cold laser and microcurrent point stimulation.

She explains the services in a brochure—Relexology, involves applied pressure to reflex points located on the feet and hands which corresponds to all parts of the body; cupping, creating suction on the skin , the suction helps facilitate healing with increased blood circulation and also improves the flow of qi (life force) in the body assisting with relaxing muscle tension, reducing pain, promoting cell repair, helping form new connective tissues and creating new blood vessels; ear candle therapy, using a hollow candle gently placed into the opening of the ear and lit, creating a vacuum effect while gently suctions the ear wax and debris from the ear into the candle; cold laser, used for the relief of chronic intractable pain, treatment of post traumatic acute pain and for providing temporary relief of minor chronic musculoskeletal pain; microcurrent point stimulation, a neurostim device which locates and applies concentrated DC microcurrent to active acupuncture and trigger points to relax muscles, calm the nervous system, and release endorphins.

She also feels it is important to pay attention to the emotional state of a person, because it can affect the physical health.

Since she is known to offer massage therapy this will be an important part of her initial clientele, Chiffo believes. But she feels that once she gets her cooking classes organized they will also be an increasingly important part of the services offered at the location.

The first class has not yet been scheduled, but she outlined how the classes will be structured. She has cooking facilities available at the wellness center. There will be a menu developed for the class, and she will review each dish and prepare it for those in the class. She will give information on the foods and how it can benefit the body. Chiffo estimated these classes will last between three and one half and four hours.

“It is cooking to help the body healthwise, alkaline is the big thing here, disease can’t function in an alkaline environment. I tend to use some unusual vegetables in my cooking, that have some really strong healing properties,” she stated.

She plans at some point to have some of the more unusual vegetables available at the wellness center for sale.

An infrared sauna is also being considered for the wellness center.

Along with her own services, she is in discussion with a naturopath about the possibility of being available at the location.

The wellness center office hours are Monday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Tuesday and Friday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday, by appointment only from 9 a.m. to noon.

The center is located at 305 E. Washington, next to the Ava Art Guild.

Her business, located at 305 East Washington, next to the Ava Art Guild.