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Ava Rally for Life

Submitted Photo (Above) Ava Right to Life supporters took part in a candlelit walk to the Douglas County

by Doug Berger

Over 40 persons attended a Rally for Life at the Ava TrueView Family Theater on March 18 and concluded the rally with a candle lit walk to the Douglas County courthouse.

Dave Plemmons, a representative of the Missouri Right to Life, was one of the guest speakers at the rally.

Plemmons recommended to those attending the rally that they do their own research on the issue and understand the layers of truth. Plemmons stated that being a board member of Missouri Right to Life has been one of the most fulfilling experiences in his life, and he encouraged everyone attending to find a way to give of their time, talent and resources to the ministry.

“Commit to doing something, because if you don’t maybe someone won’t be born,” he told those in attendance.

Also speaking at the rally was Mary Seewald, executive director, Options Pregnancy Center in Ava. She outlined what services the Center provides to the community. The Center has been operating in Ava for 15 years.

Seewald pointed out that the Center needed volunteers to operate and encouraged anyone interested to visit with them about the Center and volunteering. 

Cards were also distributed with a list of legislative bills which persons could support by signing the card and sending them to Missouri Right to Life. Missouri Right to Life would deliver the cards to the appropriate legislators. Persons were also invited to attend the Midwest March for Live on April 14 at the capitol.

Tom Martincic, executive director of Bread of Life Giving and Sharing, invited everyone to participate in the candle lit walk following the speakers.

Doug Berger/Herald
Missouri Right to Life rep Dave Plemmons speaks to attendees of the Rally for Life at the Ava TrueView Family Theater.