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Letter to the Editor

by Arthur A. Meyer

I don’t know about you, but I am very tired of Congressman Jason Smith’s childlike behavior. I believe it’s time for him to grow up and put his big boy pants on. He seems to think his job is to complain and pout and denigrate and disparage anything that the new administration is doing. His insulting description of the American Rescue Plan by calling it the Biden Bailout Plan is just one example of his immaturity. 

The fact is, more than 20% of the funds go directly to the Americans eligible and not to liberal special interests as he claims. If he really believes that this does not help Democrats and Republicans alike, then he should have all the republicans who received the $1400 relief funds, return or refuse it. He claims a previous trillion dollars in relief cannot be accounted for. Being a member of Congress, he needs to realize that it is his job to know where that money goes. He gets paid by the taxpayers to know these things. That’s what he was elected for. Not to post letters complaining, moaning and groaning about an administration that has only been in office for two months. 

The reason why Democrats had to take the wheel and make much needed funds available is because Republicans chose politics OVER the needs of the people and this country. 

Presidential elections happen every four years. Jason, your team lost this time. Grow up, quit whining and do your job. This country needs more teamwork and less divisiveness, and we don’t need anyone bending the truth for politics or to further their political careers.