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Ava Flag Design Contest – Deadline Extended

The Ava Lions Club, in association with the Ava Art Guild, is sponsoring a contest to design a flag for the City of Ava. The contest is open to everyone and the City Council will select the winning design.

The updated deadline is March 31st.

All entries must be in color, 12” x 16”, or the standard ratio for U.S. flags which is 1:1.5 – 1:1.67. Entries can incorporate the Ava oak leaf cluster, examples of which can be seen on the Chamber of Commerce letterhead and the “Welcome to Ava” sign, in order to coordinate the design across several formats. However, this is not required, and the oak leaf cluster can be very stylized. Any medium may be used – paint, collage, colored pencil, etc. You may submit more than one design.

Remember the 5 basic rules of flag design:

1) Keep it simple.

2) Use meaningful symbolism.

3) Use 2-3 basic colors (red, blue, green, yellow, black & white are most often used. Be sure to use high contrast colors and shades.)

4) Do not use lettering or seals.

5) Be distinctive or relate the design to other flags, but don’t copy.

Also, keep in mind the way the flag will be used, flying from a flagpole, hanging downward, draping limp or displayed with other flags. The design must translate well into black & white and read well in all sizes, from a lapel pin to a football field. It should also be legible & recognizable from a distance. Remember, too, that flags will have the same design on both sides.

These guidelines will help you create a beautiful and unique flag, but they are not meant to be rigid. Use your own creativity.

For more information on flag design, go to, the North American Vexillilogical Association website. There is quite a bit of information available to non-members.

Entries will be displayed at the Ava Art Guild. The Art Guild is currently closed, but you may contact Caryl Posada-Stillings and she will meet you at the building to accept your artwork. When you submit your design(s) you will be asked to fill out a form. 

The creator of the winning design will be awarded $100, with the understanding that the copyright of the design will become the property of the City of Ava. The City will retain all rights, including but not limited to, merchandising, advertising, marketing and publicity, providing such uses are not controversial or offensive. In addition, each designer agrees not to hold the Ava Lions Club or Foundation, the Ava Art Guild, the City of Ava or any individual liable for any damage to his or her original work(s) of art.

Contact information:

Phone: 417 893-9638