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Hypothesis to Result: Ava 3rd Graders Use Experiment Results to Conclude Facemasks Reduce Spread of Germs

Submitted Photos Photos from the Ava Elementary School 3rd grade class science experiment to test the effectiveness of wearing facemasks.

                                                                  by Michael Boyink\

The results are in.

Based on experiments that are observable and repeatable.

The hypothesis, created by Mrs. Lawlers 3rd Grade Class at Ava Elementary School, was that wearing a facemask helps stop the spread of germs, including those that transmit COVID-19.

And the evidence supports the hypothesis.

The petri dish breathed into by a student not wearing a facemask shows significant germ growth. The petri dish breathed into by a student wearing a mask shows no sign of germ growth.

Scientific evidence is one thing. Shaping opinions based on scientific evidence is another.

Polling the 3rd graders after the results were in produced these results:

93% of students surveyed think it is important to wear a face mask to stop the spread of germs.

43% of students like to wear a face mask.

79% of students were surprised at the results of the experiment. 

64% of students will be more likely to wear a face mask after observing the results of this experiment.

Student comments included:

Lane M. reported, “I learned wearing a face mask stops the spread of germs.” 

Remii S. stated, “You need to wear your face mask.”

Zeva M. replied, “I will tell my family what the germs look like.”

Brian W. said, “I believe masks are great!”

Noah L. stated, “Mask DO make a difference.”

Submitted Photo
Kaymen T. observed the petri dishes and recorded her findings daily.

Emitt E. and Adalynn I. designed and colored a face mask as part of the project.

Submitted Photo
Owen F. enjoyed writing an opinion paper about the importance of wearing a mask.