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Do Facemasks Really Make a Difference? Ava R-1 Elementary Students Take Part in Science Experiment to Find Out

Submitted Photo Ava R-1 Elementary students take part in a science experiment to determine the effectiveness of facemasks.

The students in Mrs. Lawler’s 3rd grade class at Ava Elementary are participating in a regional “Students as Scientist” investigation. This investigation is partnered with The Ozarks SySTEAMic Coalition and funded through a grant from the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. 

To begin the investigation each student took a pre-survey about masks. Results of the survey will follow. 

Then student Noah Lansdown coughed into two sterile petri dishes, wearing a mask over one dish and not wearing a mask over the other.

The petri dishes were labeled, covered, and set aside to observe. 

The students will observe for 14 days to determine if wearing a face mask really helps to prevent the spread of germs. Each day students will see if either petri dish is showing signs of germ growth. 

They will record their observations and follow-up the activity with an opinion paper stressing their opinions of mask wearing. A video will also be made to showcase the investigation.

Pre-experiment survey results: 

I like to wear my fase mask? 

27% YES

I think it is important to wear a face mask to stop the spread of germs? 

73% YES

Experiment results will be published in a future edition of the Herald.

Submitted Photo
Noah Lansdown