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Douglas County Disperses $1.5M in CARES Dollars

Douglas County has received $1,549,826.36 in Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act income including interest. 

All of the funds have been disbursed, Douglas County Clerk Karry Davis indicated.

Included in the transactions for the program from May through December are:

City of Ava ($323,546.46).

Transfer to EMA Fund ($469.80).

Ava School ($167,428.95).

Transfer to Assessor Fund ($14,500).

VFW ($2,871.25).

Dora School ($12,415).

Jean’s Healthway, Inc. ($15,425.93).

FELD Fire ($62,008.58).

Transfer to Revenue (county) ($501,637.79).

Douglas County Public Library ($487.39).

Skyline School ($86,703.63).

Plainview School ($45,307.65).

Transfer to Road Fund ($4,941.15).

Mtn. Grove School ($19,800).

DoCo Inc. Sheltered Workshop ($29,099.08).

Juvenile Office ($273.23).

Ava Senior Center ($4,524.35).

Douglas County Health Department ($258,436.09).

The county clerk’s report indicated that $22,895.01 were for Covid 19 testing. Economic support public health accounted for $31,920.33. Payroll expenses totaled $810,548.33; public health expenses, $525,165.37; and public safety measures, $159,297.32.