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by Michael Boyink

Managing Editor

Just about every Friday and Monday, the Herald office gets a number of phone calls from subscribers who didn’t get their newspaper.

It’s not just Ava – we’ve talked with newspaper editors from around the region and everyone is experiencing late deliveries. 

I’ve written a Snoop about this before, but let me reiterate.

We have not changed our process. The Herald is delivered to the Post Office the same time as they have been for decades.

But the United States Post Office is struggling to deal with a 1-2 punch the likes of which they have never seen before.

COVID-19 has both reduced the number of healthy postal workers and increased the number of packages being sent via USPS by people sheltering and shopping online at home.

Headlines use words like “inundated”, “overwhelmed”, “desperate”, and “gridlocked.”

I’ll admit – I’ve been part of the problem. We were quarantined. Which gave me time to work on a house renovation project I’m anxious to finish. Which meant a steady stream of Amazon and Home Depot packages were coming to our porch.

Maybe it’s been the same for you. Shopping online looks pretty attractive these days with all the mask ordinances in Springfield. 

And have you been to a big-box home improvement store lately? 



There’s not an easy, quick solution.

So I’m asking for patience.

For the postal workers.

And for the newspaper.

COVID-19 vaccines are already in Missouri. Maybe that’s the end that’s finally in sight – even if it’s still several months off.

Meanwhile, enjoy this Christmas issue of the Herald. Find friends in the parade photos. Read messages of hope and cheer from local businesses. See what the kids all want for Christmas this year.

And Merry Christmas to you and yours.