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Mixed Bag for Middle School Lady Bears as Season Comes to an End

By Abbie Baird

The Middle School Lady Bears are rounding up their season. The girls have played 3 games a week the past few weeks. To start out their jam packed weeks the girls traveled to Mountain Grove on the 3rd of December. The 7th grade came out with a bang and ended with one too. They were leading most of the game, but the Lady Panthers came back at the end to make it a tie ball game. The two teams ended up going into double overtime, with the Lady Bears getting the last shot ending the game 18-16. This was the first win for the 7th graders and a pretty rewarding one! The 8th graders did not have the same luck as the 7th and took home a loss for the night at 43-12. 

The following week the Lady Bears hosted Forsyth who only had enough players for a full 8th grade game and half of a 7th. This seems to be the trend this year with other teams having a shortage of players. The 8th graders came out hot though and had the lead most of the game with back and forth scoring. The Lady bears got into some foul trouble and couldn’t get their shots to fall at the end, and the Forsyth Lady Panthers could. The final score of that game was a close 42-38 with the Lady Bears taking home the tough loss. The 7th graders got to play 2 short quarters against the same Panther squad minus a few. The 7th graders came out strong and ended their half a game with 20-0 over the Panthers. The girls all got some playing time and contributed to the win. 

The second game of that week the girls traveled to Reeds Spring where again they only got to play one and a half games, but this time the 7th graders got the full game. The 7th graders faced some really tall, athletic girls who couldn’t be stopped. They took that loss at 35-10. The 8th grade girls had a different outcome and were out to win from the start. They got in two fast quarters but kept the Reeds Spring squad scoreless. The final score for them was 18-0. 

To finish out the long week of games the Lady Bears hosted Licking on Friday the 11th. The 7th grade team came out ready to win and held on the whole game. They ended up pulling away with that win, 23-12. The 8th grade game was a different story, with a much stronger Licking squad. They couldn’t get their shots to fall, and Licking could not miss. The girls came up short with a loss for their last home game of the season. 


Grove game, 7th grade: Ebanee Nelson 8, Anna Studdard 4, Tinley Mahan 2, Nancy Ames 2, and Myley Jones 2

Grove game, 8th grade: Paris Henry 8, Alexis Emrick 2, and Tatum Murray 2

Forsyth game, 7th grade: Alexis Philpott 8, Nancy Ames 6, Anna Studdard 2, Harley Connors 2, and Ebanee Nelson 2

Forsyth game, 8th grade: Paris Henry 20, Alexis Emrick 7, Hannah Forrest 5, Faith Lane 2, Mariah Premer 2, and Reganne Elliott 2

Reeds Spring game, 7th grade: Anna Studdard 4, Harley Connors 2, Alexis Philpott 2, and Tinley Mahan 2

Reeds Spring game, 8th grade: Hannah Forrest 4, Paris Henry 4, Mati Goss 4, Mariah Premer 2, Alexis Emrick 2, and Abrie Pearson 2

Licking game, 7th grade: Nancy Ames 12, Alexis Philpott 4, Abi Dalton 4, Harmony O’guin 2, and Hope Harvill 1

Licking game,  8th: Paris Henry 4 grade