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Hagia Sophia By Barbara Sisney Daniel

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul’s massive sixth-century Byzantine cathedral built by the Byzantine Emporer Justinan in the sixth century and dedicated to Jesus Christ as the Word of God. Its name means “holy wisdom”. Nearly a thousand years later it became a mosque, where Muslims worshiped. Now it is a museum. However, the Muslim world is looking at the Hagia Sophia as a mosque for the world’s Muslim or non-Muslim.

This is only the beginning of a plan leading to a one world government involving a one world religion.

Be assured the Middle East is a hotbed waiting to explode. History has a way of repeating itself.

Turkey has an eye on Israel. Using strategy to take Israel. “Jerusalem sets in the midst of nations all around her.” Ezekiel 5:5.

The Jewish people have always been a target. Antisemitism is rampant today. Their enemy has stated they will “uproot them, along with their people, and throw them into the sea.” 

George Washington was looking at his small, starving army. He was discouraged because the army was about to lose the battle for freedom.

A Jewish man sent word to George Washington he had the money to give him to save the war and free America. Which he did.

Jesus is Jewish. He came to save the world. He is the truth and life. John 14:8

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