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Snoop: Monoliths and Subscriptions

To answer my question from last week, the monolith in Romania lasted six days.

Since then, additional monoliths have been found in:

Pine Mountain, California

Las Vegas, Nevada

Oudehorne, Netherlands

Isle of Wight, UK

South Boulder, Colorado

Chia, Columbia

Rumors abound.

Some suspect a global marketing campaign.

Aliens are still suggested as a source.

And the Grinch blamed for removals.

I hope we never learn the true story.

On another note, I need to talk about subscriptions to the Douglas County Herald.

As part of our recent purchase by Better Newspapers, Inc, we migrated subscription management from one software package to another.

During my software development years I was part of numerous similar projects.

Inevitably, no matter how well-planned the migration some data was likely to slip between the cracks.

That’s the situation we find ourselves in.

We need do some housecleaning. 

A number of you have been receiving the Herald even though your subscription has expired. 

You can check this for yourself.

Your subscription end date is printed on the front page of your paper, in the address label area, above your address. It’s in the format of MM-DD-YY.

If you check that and see a past date, it means your subscription has run out.

Some of you are correspondents. A free subscription is part of the deal for writing for us. 

Or you may have gotten a free subscription as part of a previous advertising deal.

But if that isn’t the case (or is no longer the case), then we’re asking you to give us a fair shake and purchase a new subscription to the Herald.

 An in-office subscription is $25/year. In-county subscriptions are $40/year. Out of county subscriptions are $50/year. A $2.50 senior discount is available. 

Access to the online version is included with all print subscriptions.

You can subscribe either by calling our office at 417-683-4181 or by visiting

We’ll also be sending out notices to folks with expired subscriptions. 

We’re working to improve this process going forward to ensure you get a renewal notice before your subscription ends.

Thanks for supporting local news!