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The Snoop

Well, I warned you.

This week we debut a mild visual refresh of the interior pages of the Douglas County Herald.

There might have been a better time to do it than a (short) holiday week. 

But, like with many things in life, if you try to wait until you are completely ready it seems that moment never comes.

If you missed my earlier Snoop about our goals for the redesign, they were mainly to clean up the interior pages, add some whitespace, and make headers and graphics consistent

I hope it makes the Herald a bit easier and more enjoyable to read.

I’m also pleased to walk out a refresh of our “Snoop” character by local artist Patty Martirosian. I think she did a perfect job of keeping the spirit of the original while bringing him into better focus.

It’s Thanksgiving.

Our holiday plans are ever-shifting, based on the COVID-19 situation here and where family is. 

It could well end up with MsBoyink and I at home with a movie and plate of cheese and crackers.

And I’m OK with that.

I’m still thankful.

Thankful that, although the virus has touched a few people in our lives, so far it hasn’t taken anyone from us.

I know that’s not the case for everyone.

If you have lost a loved one due to Coronavirus (or any other reason) this year, our prayers are with you.