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Weathered and Gray

By: Timber Jones

The toughest folks I’ve known are weathered and gray.  That’s just the way it is.  They are seasoned men and women who stand against the storms, the wind, and the rain.  They’ve been struck hard in the side by the lightning of life.  They stand alone amongst the younger, greener trees of the world.

Like the barns scattered over the hills, they have done their life’s work and now wait to tell their stories. And there are stories to be told if you’ll listen…listen…just sit and listen.

Like the leafless, seasoned old trunks in the fields and hillsides, they stand.  Still they stand while others around them are blown down by the wind.  Just try to swing your axe into their sides and watch it go dull.  Instead, you may be better off sitting with them and letting them tell you of their long lives.

Seasoned wood is best and most useful in the work of starting a fire.  Sit around the campfire and hear the story that it has.  Conquer the winter’s cold by the warmth of the stove heated with the weathered and gray wood.

These men and women, the toughest I know, are good, and seasoned, and more than worthy of my high praise.  Consider the summer forest which is home to trees all clothed the same.  Those trees all serve a fine purpose and are of great use, but there is always one old tree, weathered and gray, that stands out on its own.  One day, those younger trees will take their place.  But for now, may they stand together to allow their elders to be seen, to be heard, and most certainly to be revered.