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Demolition Derby Winners

Submitted Photos Little Tykes winners Titus Lane, Kelly Scrivner, Ford Young,and Remi Lane.

The Douglas County Fair ran its demolition derby last weekend. The event featured 24 lawn mowers and 15 cars. Event winners are as follows:

Little Tykes:

31 Ford Young & Kelly Scrivner

15 Remi Lane

58 Titus Lane

Lawn Mower:

1st Place: Heath Roberts

2nd Place: Ricky Croney

3rd Place: Bo Stamper

4th Place: Daniel Young

Demo Derby:

1st Place: Matt Bingham

2nd Place: Terrill Johnson

3rd Place: Jacob Lane

4th Place: Scott Kilgore

Hardest hit: Josh Lane

Josh Browning, Josh & Sarah Lane, Daniel Young. Josh won hardest hit during the derby.

Demo Derby -1st place winner Matt Bingham. Presented by board member Tommy Scrivner.

Heath Roberts – winner of the Mower Derby.