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Letter to the Editor

I am not going to talk about Trump. Everybody else is. I am going to remember what has happened while Biden was on the government payroll.

You see Joe Biden and me are the same age. As you get older, your mind and body begin to slow down. It reacts slower than younger people. 

They say Joe was there 47 years. That means he started about 1970. I guess he didn’t have to be with the 528,000 of us in the war. Maybe he got hurt protesting or maybe he was one of those hippies that had a 3-4 day party up in New York State. I don’t know.

He was there when Congress approved of Nixon going to China. We are still paying for that. Anybody that had been to the Far East knew that China was behind both wars, Korea and Vietnam. Why didn’t Congress?

President Ford had been in Congress too long and owed too many favors.

President Carter was just a peanut farmer who let everybody run the government. If you remember, the unemployment was high, and we paid 17% interest on the loans. This was when Iran tool the hostages and kept them for a year. They turned them loose the day President Reagan took office. They didn’t want to fool with him.

When Bush “41” took office, Iraq involved Kuwait. We went in and took it back. We shouldn’t have stopped, but we needed the oil from over there.

President Clinton and his bunch is the ones that dreamed up the New World Order. What it is is to bring the United States down to the rest of the world, not the other way around.

That is when all the regulations started. Congress didn’t try to stop them but went along. They want control.

Trump stopped all this. You see what happened when they tried to take hostages again. They lost their boss.

Joe Biden is not going to get out and talk to the people. The Swamp is afraid he won’t remember what they told him to say. You notice how the far left have stopped saying anything, but believe me they plan on controlling him. You just look, there would be a couple from San Francisco, CA in the number 2 and 3 spot. If that isn’t enough to worry anybody, I don’t know what would.

They are keeping Harris under wraps for some reason. There is something they don’t want the people to find out. 

For the first time since Reagan and Carter, we have a clear choice. Do you want to be like China? Do you want somebody in Washington D.C. telling you when to go to the doctor? How and if you can go to church? This, that we are going through right now is just a little thing of what China has planned for us. Do you want to give up the freedom that the men and women of the U.S. have died for?

Do you want somebody as president that as far as we know has never had a real job? What has never had to make a payroll? Who has never had to, at the end of the month, go to the bank to see if he could get enough money to pay the men? Who for 47 years has let the lobbyists put money under the table for his vote?

I bet the IRS don’t know where it came from. Maybe it went to his wife or son. We don’t know. Maybe somebody will look into it.

If you want to run your business the way you want to, without somebody telling you when to open and close. I had a small business for years. I know how hard it is.

If you want to keep your guns. If you want to go to church when and with who you want to, if you want to see American businesses come home from China. If you want to see the gas prices stay down, you only have one choice. Vote for Trump. We want freedom.

Tom Vinson