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Ava Art Guild Fall Show Results

Submitted Photo The Judge’s Choice is a stone pigment painting by artist Thomas Holt with the title Forest Silence.

The Ava Art Guild’s  Fall Art Show opened on Wednesday, October 14th and runs until October 24th.  There are  approximately 60 entries including paintings, 3-D art, fiber art and more. 

The show is open Wednesday  through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Visitors are encouraged to vote for People’s Choice in the adult and junior categories. 

There is no admission. Masks are encouraged. 

The Judge’s Choice is a stone pigment painting by artist Thomas Holt with the title Forest Silence.

Under 18

24 Tractor, Jeremiah Fenoff, 2nd

25 Patriotism, Jeremiah Fenoff, 1st

26 Dog and Chick, Abigail Fenoff, 1st

27 Grazing, Abigail Fenoff, 1st

23 Sunrise, Jeremiah Fenoff, 1st

31 Grecian Vase, Vance Piccinino, 2nd

28 Cowgirl, Abigail Fenoff, 1st

50 Tom Turkey, Esther Jones, 1st

39 Koala, Elena Howard, 1st

33 Hummingbird, Elena Howard, 2nd

34 Cat & Butterfly, Elena Howard, 1st

37 Friends Forever, Elena Howard, 2nd

36 Moonlit Mountains, Elena Howard, 2nd

38 Fiery Sunset, Elena Howard, 3rd

35 Sunset Tree, Elena Howard, 3rd

54 The Overlook, Josiah Fenoff, 2nd

Advanced Fiber Arts

21 My Little Pony Band Aids, Jo Ann Hereford, 3rd

22 Pooh Band Aids, Jo Ann Hereford, 1st

30 Care Bear Band Aids, Jo Ann Hereford, 2nd

Beginning Mixed Media

7 Spray Paint #1, Noelle Ballor, 3rd

15 Space Scape #1, Noelle Ballor, 2nd

6 Grey Ball #1, Sam Ferguson, honorable mention

17 Mountain High, Noelle Ballor, honorable mention

14 Purple Haze, Sam Ferguson, 1st

Intermediate Mixed Media

3 April’s Charlie, Erin Ellis, honorable mention

4 Lucy in the Leaves, Erin Ellis, 3rd

5 Too Many Cats, Erin Ellis, 2nd

2 Spirit Dog, Erin Ellis, honorable mention

1 Willie Boy, Erin Ellis 1st

Beginning Fiber Arts

51 Door Hangers, Taylor Lou, 1st

52 Stitch of the Day, Taylor Lou, 2nd

Advanced Acrylic

48 Raven of Skull Island, Suzy Meelhuysen, 1st

47 Nightmare Hollow Manor, Suzy Meelhuysen, 2nd

58 Snail Mail, Jane Osborn, 3rd

Beginning Acrylic

19 Autumn Drive, Bernice States, 1st

Advanced 3-D

16 Picture Frame, Jim Davis, 3rd

10 Birds of a Feather, Thomas Holt, 1st

46 Jamaican Christmas, Suzy Meelhuysen, 2nd

42 Honoring the Dead, Chloe Stillings, 4th

Pine Needle Baskets

8 Pine Needle Basket #1, Karen Holt, 1st

9 Pine Needle Basket #2, Karen Holt, 2nd

Stone Pigment

12 Forest Silence, Thomas Holt, 1st Judge’s Choice

11 Path in the Woods, Thomas Holt, 2nd

Beginning Oil

53 Poppy Diana Middleton, 1st

Advanced Oil

18 Lessons from the Weaver, Debbie Twa, 1st

45 Farewell to Summer, Rita Fancher, 2nd

56 Apple Blossoms, Jane Osborn, honorable mention

57 Garden of the Gods, Jane Osborn, honorable mention

55 Along the Lane, Jane Osborn, 3rd

Advanced Mixed Media

29 Takin A Break, Laura Fenoff, 2nd

49 Fall, Regina Robertson, 1st

Advanced Pastel

32 Waiting Patiently, Donna Howard, 1st

Advanced Pencil

43 Reflections, Rita Fancher, 2nd

44 Sisters, Rita Fancher, 1st

Intermediate Photography

40 Blue Missouri, C.P. Stillings, 2nd

41 Missouri, Where the Sky Meets the Earth, C.P. Stillings, 1st

Beginning Photography

20 Waitin’ on the Mail, Dennis States, 1st

13 Hay is In Dennis States, 2nd

Advanced Photography

59 Mark Twain National Forest, Jane Osborn, 1st


61 Seed Store Pickers, Jane Osborn, 2nd

60 Wild Flowers, Cross Jane Osborn, 3rd