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Letter to the Editor

In most cases at least in the United States we were very young when we were groomed by our parents to like a Ford or a Chevrolet. I can remember my dad was a Chevy fan and would brag about the advantage of driving a Chevy over a Ford. Most of my life I have driven a Chevy. I can also remember some of my childhood buddies and their dad’s preference for a Ford. 

On many occasions, we would tease each other how one make was superior to the other in jest and good humor. We remained friends and recognized it was okay to drive and prefer the different types and makes (manufacturers) of vehicles without malice or prejudice of one another. 

The same exact patterns exist when it comes to political party preferences. Usually, if you are raised in a home where your parents preferred a certain party, you just naturally took on the same preference. And of course, the same banter back and forth with your friends and neighbors took place.

We would kid and tease one another and laugh it off, but we always remained United (joined together). I miss those days when you could be a member of a group of something and still realize your individuality was your right as a human being. But we’re all one body joined together as Citizens of the United States.

We were raised in the knowledge of what was right and wrong and most tried to live life doing what was the right things. We tried to pass these same values on to our children. It didn’t matter so much about if you were a Republican or a Democrat or if you drove a Chevy or a Ford. What mattered was if you were doing the right things. Examples of that would be: Telling the truth and keeping your word. 

I was raised that your word was your bond. You told the truth and you kept your word. I still try to live by those principles today. When soldiers were in a foxhole in a war, they didn’t look at one another and ask, “Are you a Republican or Democrat?” What they did was unite (join together) to defend this great country and its moral values. 

We need to do that same thing today. Quit telling lies and bending the truth just to achieve your political goals. Be honest with yourselves and quit following others who are not trying to unite us. I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, you have to quit following this man Donald Trump. He is trying to divide us. 

Trump is like a child in many ways. He certainly does not tell the truth. The first thing out of a child’s mouth when they break something is, “I didn’t do it.” Trump, like most children, denies any wrong doing even before being accused. This man threatens to refuse the outcome of the election if he doesn’t win. He is trying to turn citizens against one another if he loses. He praises violence against journalists. He dismisses any Russian attacks on our elections (which has been proven). He has lied about a virus that has killed over 200,000 citizens of the United States and continues to lie about the virus even today. He grades his performance when it comes to preventing deaths as an A+. He claims he has absolute power over everything, but in reality, his powers are limited and spelled out by the Constitution of the United States.

Although Trump idolizes dictators, this country is run by a democracy. It seems many people have lost sight of the fact that this is the United (joined together) States of America. 

The pandemic has created travel restrictions worldwide affecting fuel prices. We benefit with lower prices at the pump because of supply and demand. It’s common sense when the world uses less, there is less demand which creates more supply. To bend the truth and say we can thank Trump for that is lying. Trump had nothing to do with it. 

Their partisan nonsense has got to quit. It’s not okay to mislead or be untruthful in any narrative or cause. It doesn’t matter if you drive a Ford or a Chevy, we have to stick together, be honest first and foremost. 

Arthur A. Meyer