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In Memory of Cpl. R.M. Wheat

In Memory of Cpl. R.M. Wheat

USNS Lance Cpl. Roy M. Wheat, a 15,804-ton vessel, sets on the ocean waters. This navy ship was named after a brave Marine who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for service in Vietnam, where he threw himself on a mine to save two fellow Marines.

The unusual thing about this ship is that it was built during the cold war in the Soviet Union and launched in 1989 as Vladamir Vaslyaen and was operated by the Black Sea Shipping Company.

The Navy acquired the ship a decade later on the commercial market. After a makeover, it was placed in the Military Sealift Command in 2003. It is a beautiful ship.

Ava Missouri had many young men serving America during the Vietnam War. They fought the North Vietnam Communists. Our men were brave. Many lives were lost and what for? 

Now this country is under threat of losing its freedom.

America is a great land of beauty and freedom. May every American citizen realize how many lives were lost serving this country in the battles of war in the past.

We must vote and speak out for freedom and pray to God to help in our plea for peace and safety. 

Information taken from Forbes and defense writer H. J. Hutton.

Correction: In a past article, I wrote about the historical racehorse Seabiscuit and the subsequent movie. I stated that the horse that starred in the movie was the actual horse, Seabiscuit. That information was incorrect. The horse in the movie was a horse from Seabiscuit’s bloodline and came from Telluride, CO.