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Facemask Debate Moritorium

By Michael Boyink

You. Over there. In the face mask. You follow the CDC guidelines. You believe what the experts say. You want to protect others. 

And you.

Over there without a face mask. You don’t trust the media. You believe COVID-19 is like other viruses and we’ll get past it once herd immunity is achieved. Face masks are a means of controlling society.

By this point in the COVID-19 situation, each of you has evaluated the situation and made a decision. Each of you believes your reasons for your decision are valid.

Either you are going to wear a face mask.

Or you are not.

And sitting through another opinion, another lecture, or another YouTube video on the matter isn’t going to change your mind.

Face masks in Ava aren’t required by law. 

So wearing one or not wearing one are both legally viable options.

Let’s remember that – masked or not – we are all in this together. We need to support each other. 

Not vilify each other.

To that end, as of this edition of the Herald, I’m declaring a moratorium on face mask related editorials. 

Now, play nice.