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Ava City Council: Revenues Up, Projects Beginning, Pumps Replaced

by Michael Boyink

On Tuesday, August 11th, the Ava Board of Aldermen convened for a business session at 5 p.m.

City Finances

City Treasurer Peggy Porter reported that as of July 30th, the city had $2.6 million in it’s accounts and all funds were in the black. She said the city’s income was up approximately $50K from this point last year, and noted that some of that was due to sites like Amazon collecting a Missouri Use Tax. 

Porter also pointed out that several large projects – like the updates on the square – would affect those cash balances.

Ordinance #1082

The aldermen voted 4-0 to approve Ordinance #1082, which corrected the owner names on an Ordinance passed last month. 

The Ordinance changed the zoning from L-1 Light Industry to B-3 General Business at 402 Hailey Street in Ava. 

The property is owned by Anita Madche and Linda Duncan and is known as Massage and Body Works.

Maintenance Building

Mayor Loftin reported that the demolition of the city maintenance shed was nearly complete. Douglas County was going to tear out the old concrete to use as riprap around the county.

Sand Filter Pump

Loftin reported the city recently replaced a pump on a sand filter at the Waste Water Treatment Plant at a cost of $5700.

Sand Filter

Mayor Loftin said the city was going to start making plans to replace another sand filter at the Wastewater Treatment Plant at a cost of $125K, which had already been budgeted. 

Work will likely be competed in the Fall.

City Well #5

Loftin reported that the city had recently spent $27K to replace the pump, wiring, and some plumbing at Well #5.


Peggy Porter reported that the city received two certificates at the recent Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association (MIRMA) conference. One was for achieving 100% on a evaluation/audit, the other was for all officers completing 100% of the available training.

Water Main

Mayor Loftin said that the city had installed a new water line from Curry Avenue to the South Caseys some time ago, but the work hadn’t been completed as expected and a number of houses and businesses along that street were still on the old water main. 

City workers are called out to repair that waterline “just about every two weeks”. 

Loftin sought approval for funds to engage with a boring company to bore and sleeve several holes under Jefferson street to allow the city to hook everyone to the new waterline. Each hole would cost $1500, and the Loftin estimated they would need 13 holes bored for a total of $19,500. Loftin said approximately 3000’ of old line would eventually be abandoned. 

Aldermen approved the project with a 4-0 vote.

Closed Session

During the closed portion of the meeting the aldermen voted 4-0 to hire James Wesley Rance to work on the brush crew.


Councilmen present were Billy Stewart, Noel Dye, Keith Jones, and Stan Lovan.


Video from the Ava Board of Aldermen meeting will be posted to the Douglas County Herald’s YouTube channel.

Next Meeting

City officials and aldermen will reconvene on August 25th at 5 p.m. at City Hall. Meetings are open to the public.