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Primary Election Next Tuesday

by Michael Boyink /

Voters across the state will go to the polls next Tuesday for the 2020 primary election in which parties will nominate candidates for  positions in state government. 

In Douglas County, voters will be electing candidates for several county-level positions, as all candidates are Republican.

Polls will open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. A complete list of all polling places, as well as sample ballots showing the names of all candidates from four political parties, can be found in this issue of the Herald.

Absentee ballots will be available in the County Clerk’s office at the Douglas County Courthouse from 8a.m to Noon on Saturday. 

Douglas County Races

District 1 Commissioner

Candidates are:

  • Derek Wilkerson
  • Craig Cunningham
  • Travis Cheyney
  • Todd Plank

District 2 Commissioner

Candidates are:

  • Jason Story 
  • Bradley Loveless
  • Shannon Porter
  • Mark Blakey
  • Johnny Burkdoll


Candidates are Chris Degase and Ben Peebles.


Alicia Degase is running unopposed.


Rick Miller is running unopposed.

Public Administrator

Shelia D. Miller is running unopposed.

State Level Races

Missouri State Governor

Republican candidates are Raleigh Ritter, Mike Parson, James W. (Jim) Neely, and Saundra McDowell. 

Democratic candidates are Nicole Galloway, Jimmie Matthews, Antoin Johnson, Eric Morrison, and Robin John Daniel Van Quaethem. 

The Green Party candidate is Jerome Howard Bauer. 

The Libertarian Party candidate is Rik Combs.

Missouri Lieutenant Governor

Democratic candidates are Gregory A. Upchurch and Alissia Canady. 

The Libertarian candidate is Bill Slantz. 

The Green Party candidate is Kelley Dragoo. 

Republican candidates are Arnie C. AC Dienoff, Mike Kehoe, Aaron T. Wisdom, and Mike Carter.

Secretary of State

The Libertarian Party candidate is Carl Herman Freese. 

The Green Party candidate is Paul Lehmann. 

The Constitution Party candidate is Paul Venable. 

The Republican candidate is John R. (Jay) Ashcroft. 

The Democratic candidate is Yinka Faleti.

State Treasurer

The Republican candidate is Scott Fitzpatrick. 

The Democratic candidate is Vicki Lorenz Englund. 

The Green Party candidate is Joseph Civettini. 

The Libertarian candidate is Nicholas (Nick) Kasoff.  

Attorney General

The Republican candidate is Eric Schmitt. 

The Libertarian candidate is Kevin C. Babcock. 

The Democratic candidates are Rich Finneran and Elad Gross.

United States Representative District 8

The Democratic candidate is Kathy Ellis. 

The Republican candidate is Jason Smith. 

The Libertarian candidate is Tom Schmitz.

State Senator District 33

The Republican candidates are Robert Ross, Karla Eslinger, and Van Kelley. 

The Democratic candidate is Tammy Harty.

State Representative District 155

The Democratic candidate is Mike Lind. 

The Republican candidates are Joe Combs and Travis Smith.

Constitutional Amendment Number 2

Voters will also decide to expand Medicaid “for persons 19 to 64 years old with an income level at or below 133% of the federal poverty level, as set forth in the Affordable Care Act.” 

See the full ballot elsewhere in this issue of the Herald for full complete wording of Amendment #2.