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When It Seems Too Good to Be True –– Residents Should Be Wary

The Ava Police Department is currently notifying residents about a new scam targeting theAva area –– a swindle that is arriving in the form of a Store Evaluation Survey.  The scam is likely to appear in local mailboxes in the form of a Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelope. 

According to Ava PD, the priority envelope contains a cashier’s check, along with a letter of instruction prompting folks to participate in an Evaluation Survey. 

The note instructs the individual to deposit the cashier’s check in their bank account, and then go to a local store, and buy Best Buy gift cards –– to purchase three gift cards, in the amount of $500 per card.  

After purchasing the gift cards, the person is instructed to scratch or peel the sticker to reveal the pin number.  A photo of the number is then to be emailed to an address on the instruction sheet.  After that, the individual is instructed to keep the remainder of funds leftover from the cashier’s check. 

But, individuals soon discover the cashier’s check was false and the bank declines funds, leaving the individual liable for monies spent. 

This scam is easily avoided by contacting the Ava Police Department, and taking the time to confirm the legitimacy of the check or information received. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Ava Police Department, (417) 683-2900.

Remember, if its sounds too good to be true, then it’s probably a scam.