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Looking Backward

25 Years Ago

 The 13th annual Independence Day Celebration sponsored by the Squires Volunteer Fire Department will be held this Saturday, beginning at 6 p.m.  Free entertainment will include music by Smackout Bluegrass, Ozark Express, First General Baptist Singers, Good News Singers, and Resurrection, and clogging by the Sassfras Sprouts Hoedowners. 

Citizen’s Bank of Southern Missouri, with banks in both Ava and Mtn. Grove, is celebrating its 90th anniversary this week.  For former bank owners James E. Curry, Herman E. Davis and Carl Henley, this occasion brings back memories and thoughts of how banking has changed since 1963 when they purchased the bank, then known as Citizens Bank of Ava. 

On July 7, Herbert Lee Huffman and Juanita Fern (Walker) Huffman, of Route 3, Ava, will have been married 50 years. 

Celebrating birthdays Sunday were Jesse Payne, who was seven years old, Kelly Morpeth and Norman Mitchell. 

Curby and Donnie Welch, Ava, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on July 8 at the Masonic Lodge in Ava.  They eloped to Mtn. Home, Ark., on July 7, 1945. 

Miss Angela Nicole Ussery, 17, daughter of Eugene and Joyce Ussery of Norwood was named Missouri National TeenAger at the 24th annual Kansas / Missouri National Teen-Ager Scholarship Program held at Rockhurst College in Kansas.  

Keith and Charlotte Moore, Ava are proud to announce the forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Michelle Janae, to Thomas Darrell Todd, son of Darrell and Nancy Todd, of Bradleyville.  

RED BUD VILLAGE –– Pearl Exline enjoyed her 95th birthday with many flowers, cards, and gifts. The receipt of 95 huge red roses from her grandson, David Norman, completed a wonderful celebration. 

Harriet Sellers and Edna Frye enjoyed lunch at Benny’s then went shopping.  Crickett Frye called Tuesday to invite Edna over Wednesday for a barbecue as her son was coming home after being gone over three weeks. 

RED BANK –– Girls going to camp were Cindy Wilson, Jamie and Sara Lirley, Ashley Maggard and Jenny Himes.  Maxine Lirley and Alice Lirley served as counselors. 

50 Years Ago

The Ava R-I board of education at their last Friday night meeting voted in favor of asking for bids to move the football field, located at the school, to school-owned property located in the west section of the city.  

Voters in Ava voted 83-26 in favor of annexing Ava View Heights subdivision into the city at a special election held Tuesday. the sub-dividers, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bland, agreed to install streets, curbs, water lines and sewer line for the entire subdivision, then the city called the special election. 

Currently leading the intermediate league in the Ava summer baseball program are the Ava Drug Cowboys with 4-0 record.  Members of the team are Rufus Clinkingbeard, manager, Max Stephens, Wayne Ray, Buddy Everett, Darin Everett, Eric Shrable, Joe Klineline, Jeff Alderman, Roy Mackey, Wendell Dougherty, Kirk Clinkingbeard, Andy Clinkingbeard and Roger Posey. 

Mr. and Mrs. Don Haught, Penny and Sandy returned to their home in Fox Meadows last week concluding a vacation tour of Texas and the Gulf of Mexico.  

Jo Etta Harnden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Harnden, Ava, Route 1, is one of 81 Missouri high school juniors enjoying a week-long sightseeing tour of Washington, D.C. on the Youth Tour to Washington.  

Toni Ann Jenkins, Gayle Norman and Pam Evans attended the National Twirling clinic held in Monett last week. While attending the clinic they were guests Tuesday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vance Moore, Michelle, Vona Jane, and Mary Susan.  Before returning home Friday they visited with other former Ava residents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCallister and Sarah. 

Mr. and Mrs. David Overcast (Sheryl Owens) announce the birth of a son, June 14, 9:06 a.m. in St. Joh’s Hospital.  The baby weighed 6 pounds and 4 ounces and has been named David Claud.  

Pete Warden recorded a hole-in-one last Saturday at the Ava Country Club.  His fete was the fifth in the club’s history, and the second time a hole-in-one has been recorded this month. Warden’s shot came on the par-3 third hole. 

Lorene Dougherty and Lowell Maloney were married Saturday, June 20, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Maloney.  

Rev. and Mrs. J. P. Wilbanks of Ava will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday, June, with open house at the Ava United Methodist Church, from 2 until 5 p.m. 

STAR –– Our rain gauge shows 2 1/2 inches for the week. 

The Shannons’ dairy herd ventured away from home for a short vacation when they discovered an open gate.  Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Penner, Mr. and Mrs. William Cardin, and Mr. and Mrs. Lon Penner soon had the herd back in their home quarters.  

Miss Karen Gastineau of Ava visited Sunday with Miss Donna Sanders. 

75 Years Ago

Monday, Mrs. Glenn Harnden received a telegram from her husband, who is an Army technical sergeant and has been with the American forces in Europe since early February, saying that he had landed in New York on Sunday and hope to be home late this week.  Technical Sergeant Glenn E. Harnden, Company A, 303 Regiment, 97 Infantry Division, has been awarded the combat infantry badge.  He participated in the battle of the Ruhr pocket, including the capture of Seiburg and Dusseldorf, and the Czechoslovakian campaign.

“Marriage Is A Private Affair” was not the best show seen this season.  It takes all Lana Turner’s good looks and good acting to put it over.  

Four Ava men are receiving their initial Naval indoctrination at the U.S. Naval Training Center, Great Lake, Illinois.  They are Jay C. Williams, 17, husband of Maxine Williams; Rex R. Brown, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Brown; Virgil D. Lakey, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack N. Lakey; and Billy N. Vinson, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Vinson. 

The Slacker

I am writing a short letter
And every word is true.
Don’t look away, draft dodger
For it’s addressed to you.
You feel at ease and glory,
Being back in the old home town
You cook up some pitiful story
So the draft board turns you down.
Just what do you think, draft dodgers,
This nation of ours would do
If all of the men were slackers,
And afraid to die like you?
So, in closing this letter,
Just remember what I say.
Stay away from my wife, brother.
For I will be back – some day.
                 Robt. E. Denney, S2-c

MT. TABOR –– Baptismal services were held after preaching Sunday by Rev. Tom Pellham.  The following were baptized: Dene, Jene, Marcella Prior; Merle Turner, Ruth, Opal Robert, Leano Hicks; Pernie Hatcock and Betty Silvey. 

Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Coon entertained the following relatives with an ice cream supper Thursday evening: Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Spurlock, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spurlock, Mrs. Mildred Dunnigan and son, Jimmie, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Spurlock and two daughters, Latricia and Sue, Mrs. Kenard Spurlock and daughter, Wanda Fern; Mr. and Mrs. Max Valentine and Mr. and Mrs. Stan Pruitt and small daughter, Shannon, who have been visiting here from Kansas City. 

MERRITT –– Mrs. Rupert Stafford is visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nalley. 

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Robertson and daughter, Shalah, were Sunday visitors in Ava with Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Robertson. 

Warren Brazeal wrote his folks that he had been hit by a truck and was bruised but not seriously hurt and hoped to be home on furlough before going to the Pacific. 

100 Years Ago

Randie Smith, who was released on bond recently on account of a reversal of his case by the state supreme court, and who would have been retried at the September term of circuit court at Hartville on the charge of poisoning Alfred Hutsell of Astoria on the 4th of July last, died at Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, on Tuesday of last week from the effects of blood poison.  While in the penitentiary he had two teeth crowned and an abscess was formed in his jaw causing considerable swelling. He had the tooth pulled at 10 a.m. and his death occurred an hour later. 

A run-a-way horse from the Harvey feed stables caused considerable excitement here at about noon Tuesday.  The animal approached the square at the south-east corner. Striking the sidewalk at the Hailey Drug store it ran full length of that side of the square on the sidewalk in front of the business houses.  Several people on the walk including some children escaped being run over by stepping to one side and by running into business houses.  Upon reaching the northeast corner of the square the horse fell and was captured. 

You have heard of fish stories and snake stories, but here is a turtle story, and real one, too. Roy Brown, well-known farmer residing west of Ava reports the capture of a 12-lb. turtle after it had raided his flock of leghorn chickens.  Early Friday morning of last week Mr. Brown heard a chicken squalling in the vicinity of his spring, and sent his little son to see what the trouble was.  The boy returned shortly and reported that a hen was fastened in the mud at the spring. Upon investigation it was found that a turtle had buried himself in the mud and was pulling the hen under. Mr. Brown said the turtle was vicious and ready for a fight when pulled out of his mud den.  He was of the soft shell variety and weighed 12 pounds. 

Howard Hitchcock & Sons invites the citizens of Ava to come and bring their friends and visit us in our new building.  We have the agency for Douglas and Ozark counties in which to sell Swift & Company meats, lards, sausages, canned goods, etc., etc.  

Marriage Licenses: Charley Miller, Squires, and Mollie Moore, Squires;  F.R. Hale, Ava, and Matel Friend, Ava;  Samuel Hurst, Bertha, and Samantha Hurst, Buckhart; Newton Sanders, Bertha and Mary Smith, Bertha;  O.J. Mans, Francisco, Ind and Rosalite McMillan, Bryant; John S. Ward, Hebron and Vida Price, Ongo. 

Let me give you some of the increases in the expenses of the county since 1910.  The office of Superintendent of Schools has been added with a salary and traveling expenses of nearly $1506 a year.  

W. A. Croslin, prominent farmer, and businessman of Ava, was severely injured while preparing a scythe for work on his farm just south of the city last Monday.  Mr. Croslin was fitting the scythe onto its handle after having sharpened it for work when he dropped one of the small nuts used in tightening the blade on.  Stooping to pick up the nut he accidentally let the blade fall. It stuck him in the back of the head resulting in a serious cut. 

Ava invites you to be her guest on this the 144th anniversary of American Independence to be observed on the Public Square. 

125 Years Ago

A Knox County paper reports that a farmer, while plowing through the bed of a dried up pond, unearthed a number of German carp, alive and healthy. 

Quail can only be shot in November and December now, and catching fish by seine, trap or basket, except in ponds wholly on premises of the owner is wholly prohibited. 

In area, Missouri is larger than England and Wales, and more than twice as large as Scotland. The population is about one-half larger than that of the kingdom of Denmark. 

The walls of the old City Hall, San Francisco,, caved in. 

Chicago beer war continues, and it is now charged that St. Louis brewers are pushing it along as a good thing. 

Spain has gotten into another row with Uncle Sam by holding up an American pleasure yacht in the Philippine Islands. 

Experiments with electricity on the New York, New Haven and Hartford continue to be most successful.  A speed of 80 miles an hour has been developed. 

The Mammoth Cave railway has been forced into receivership by the competition of hacks and stage coaches. 

All streams about Fayette, Mo., are out of their banks and great damage has been done to wheat and corn. 

Baths, 15 cents, at W. F. Beeman’s. 

Dr. Landers has purchased the Snyder property east of the Baptist Church. He moved into his new home last Monday. 

The Mountain Grove Advertiser says that the hogs have taken charge of the public streets and thoroughfares for wallows. 

Twenty kegs of beer were used at a wedding near Wichita, on Monday.  The backbone of the drought in Kansas is completely broken. 

Two women who claim to be bandits have been arrested in Oklahoma.  They must be impostors, for they are reported neither young nor beautiful. 

There has been a new postmaster appointed at Roy.  It is Mr. J.E. Smith.  Mr. Smith is a merchant of Roy. 

Mr. Hartin’s new office building is about completed and will soon be ready for occupancy. It will make an elegant and commodious abode for Mr. Hartin’s legal business.  

On Monday afternoon, the mercury here crawled up to 96º in the shade. It was the hottest day of the summer thus far.  At sundown, Tuesday evening, the mercury marked 98º. At sunrise on Wednesday morning, it was 60º.  How is that for a summery sudden change? 

Deputy Sheriff Hodge and Mr. martin, after a tedious chase, caught the Belcher boys in Arkansas.  They had hired out to work and thought they were securely hidden. 

Ed Clinkingbeard has full decided on going anyhow to New Mexico and probably to Old Mexico. He will leave Ava about the middle of July.  The boys will hate to see Ed go as he is very popular.