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Local Man Sentenced to Dept. of Corrections

During Judge Craig Carter’s Circuit Court law day held on Wednesday, June 17, the following defendant was sentenced to the Department of Corrections.

Alexander Everhart, 20, Ava, was ordered to serve 120 days in prison for possession of controlled substance, and 2nd degree burglary after admitting to violating his probation.  The court ordered Everhart to complete an institutional treatment program while in the Department of Corrections.  

The possession of controlled substance occurred in April 2019 and was investigated by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department.  The 2nd degree burglary occurred in September 2017 and was investigated by the Ava Police Department. 

There were 36 felony cases and two misdemeanor cases on the docket with some still being conducted by video.  There were five failure to appear warrants issued.