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Looking Backward

25 Years Ago

Geraldine Walker, Ulla Farrow and Charlotte Higgins represented Ava at the Senior Fitness Day in Springfield. Walker won first place in horse shoes, pitch & putt, and discus; second in rope jumping; and third in nail driving and basketball dribble.

The traffic lights at the junction of Highways 5 and 14 could be placed in operation by Friday, if all work is completed.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Loyd and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Robertson, Adam and David attended Jerry’s family reunion in Birch Tree, Mo.

Some talkative people never discover why they were given two ears and only one tongue.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Haden wish to announce the birth of a girl, Glenda Evelyn. Grandparents are Larry and Pat Haden, Harold Heyn and Tammy Burton.

This week’s daily special at Benny’s Restaurant: Hot dog or Polish dog, tater tots & 16 oz. drink for $2.49.

All That Jazz, owned by Evan Wood, West Plains, and shown by Curtice Williams, Springfield, was named reserve champion of the 3-Year-Old Futurity.

Jessie Purtle and her daughter, Zada Purtle, and Tonya Titus had dinner at the Chinese restaurant in Ozark.

Shorty Robertson donated a beautiful scenic framed picture to the Red Bud Village in memory of his wife Dottie.

Lee Bettis, a local team roper, returned from Deerfield, Wisc,. where he won first place in the Wisconsin State Championship Team Roping Competition.

Visiting Father’s Day with Mr. and Mrs. V.E. Cox were Mrs Donna Hall and Tim, and grandchildren Stephen and Jesse Johnson, Tom and Jim Nichols.

Frogging can be pursued throughout Missouri starting at sunset June 30. The combined daily limit for green frogs and bull frogs is eight.

Kay Hutchison, Jo Stephens and Hellen Blakey went down to the Piland Youth Camp and helped clean up after the Jr. Camp.

Coming soon to the Douglas County Bank: an ATM. What is an ATM? It’s an Automated Teller Machine! It will be ready to serve you 24 hours a day, SEVEN DAYS a week. Make deposits, withdrawals, transfers or balance inquires whenever you want. EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!

Ava Lions Club President Max Murphy presented the Lions Club/Missouri Fox Trotter scholarship to Sarah Elizabeth Leffert, of Eldon.

Winners in the Peggy McLerran’s clogging competition, in the 6-and-under division, were Tonya St. John (1st place) and Lovetta Bengtson (second place).

50 Years Ago

Larry D. Tucker, an employee of the Spalding Manufacturing Company, received a plaque for serving in the capacity of Staff Sergeant with the U.S. Army Reserves.

Baskets of gladioli and mums graced the altar of St. John Evangelical and Reformed Church for the wedding of Miss Kay Elizabeth Staiger and James Wilson Pitts.

Mrs. Ray Schooler (Virginia Plumb) received a Bachelor of Science in Eduction at Missouri Southern State College.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Tate, and Randy Barnes returned from Eagle Lake, Canada. They spent a week fishing the area. The gentlemen enjoyed an archery hunt for bear while in the northern country.

The Dean’s Honor Roll at the School of the Ozarks contains the names of Mrs. Vivian A. Miller and Barbara Goetz, both of Ava.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Leming of Ava are building a large two-story house in Spring Valley Acres, located across from the Ava Country Club.

Sturman Mackey, son of Mr. and Mrs. D.J. Mackey of Ava, has been named city manager of Fulton, Kentucky.

Misses Sharon and Georginia Welker were hostesses to a baby shower given in honor of Mrs. Gary Welker, and infant son, Terry Wayne.

Mr. and Mrs. Norm Rozell were in Springfield and were on TV (Man on the Street).

Merle Davis received 8,000 range size turkeys.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Paugh of Modesto, Calif., are now living in a trailer on their farm, known as the Frank Northrup farm.

On the walk to her garden, Mrs. Leonard Morris nearly stepped on a timber rattler. It had three rattlers and one button on his tail.

According to the Taney County Republican, military police were in Branson to pick up Mark Hampton of Hartville, Mo, who was AWOL from military assignment.

Beulah Garbeel and her granddaughter enjoyed swimming at Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis’.

A two-year old Holstein heifer named Kerra owned by Hershell Letsinger was the highest producing cow in the Douglas-Ozark DHIA Association for the month of April. She produced 105 pounds of butter fat and 2,046 pounds of milk during the month.

Roy Oxley did some carpenter work for his mother, Mrs. Ora Casteel.

Card of Thanks: I want to thank all my friends who sent cards, flowers, and for the visits and prayers during my hospital stay. God bless each and everyone. – Betty Rosseau

75 Years Ago

Ava baseball players are mustering together a team to go to Harrison, Arkansas July 4 for a ball game that will be one of the features of a big picnic there.

Twenty-one men were called this week by the Douglas County draft board for examination for the armed forces.

Motor vehicle tax stamps for the year beginning July 1 are now available at the post office. Present stamps expire June 30.

A.C. Hamby resigned as justice of the peace for Benton Township. The court appointed J.E. Reeves, former justice, in his place.

A birthday dinner was held in the country home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vinson, who live in the Hunter community, in compliment to Mr. Vinson who was celebrating his birthday anniversary.

Mrs. Roy Dean entertained the members of her bridge club and a few guests in her home. The high score prize was presented to Mrs. W.R. Trowbridge.

The Homemaker’s club was entertained in the home of Mrs. R.B.Stanton. During the meeting, Mrs. Lyle Pettit demonstrated the making of cinnamon whirls.

Miss Emogene Silvey, who is now working in the Boeing Aircraft plant in Wichita, Kansas, arrive in Ava and is visiting in the country home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Silvey.

Jackie Kyle is convalescing in Springfield Baptist hospital where he underwent an appendectomy. 

Mrs. Alvin DeVault spent two weeks with her husband, seaman 2-c Alvin O. DeVault, at San Diego, California, where he is stationed.

Seaman Second Class Gene Prock, who just finished his “boot training” at the U.S. Naval bas in Great Lakes, Illinois, arrive in Ava and will remain here for a week visiting with his wife and son, Darrell.

Playing at the Avalon on Sunday and Monday: “Marriage Is a Private Affair,” starring Lana Turner, James Craig and John Hodiak. It’s modern. It’s sophisticated. It’s gorgeously staged.

Mrs. Alic Inman sold her home on the corner of Ozark street and Garfield Avenue, and all the furnishings, to Mr. and Mrs. Jess Reeves. Mrs. Inman is going to Pasadena, California for an extended visit with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Martin. 

Private Max Thompson, who received a severe chest wound on Okinawa, is now stationed in a U.S. Navy hospital at Mare Island off the coast of California.

The members of the Amite club were entertained in the home of Mrs. C.W. Parker. Mrs. Felda Davis was the program leader for the study hour and used as her lesson them, “Father’s Day.” During the social hour a contest, “Famous Fathers” was held and E.L. Yeoman and Mrs. E.R. Norman were winners of the event.

The Neighborly Neighbors Club met at the home of Mrs. Church Haden. The members showered the hostess with ten pretty aprons.

Drs. M.C. & J.L. Gentry announce a Tonsil Clinic at their offices. Please call or write for an appointment.

Sunday school and church at Mt. Everett was postponed on account of rain.

Several enjoyed the free lunch and entertainment at the bond rally in Pleasant Green. Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Spurrier and Davie Joslyn were present.

100 Years Ago

Warren  G. Harding of Marion, Ohio, was nominated by the Republicans for President of the United States, is a politician, lecturer and newspaper publisher. He is what is popularly styled a self-made man.

Several people attending a funeral in a cemetery at West Plains on Decoration Day were knocked down by a bolt of lightening and one horse was killed by the same. No one was seriously hurt.

A baseball game at Mansfield between the Mansfield Greys and a Marshfield team resulted in a victory for Marshfield by a score of 7 to 1.

Sheriff J.T. Hopkins, Prosecuting Attorney B.L. Rinehart and Deputy Sheriff Alec Lawing of Howell Co., raided a poker game at west Plains, resulting in several arrests.

Mrs. Kirk entertained Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stewart at dinner.

An interesting Flag Day program was rendered at the Ava High School. Miss Hattie Bailey gave a reading, Lester Carrick gave the history of the flag, and Supt. D.F. Votaw gave the rules for use of the American Flag. Music consisted of patriotic songs.

Mrs. Ethel Bishop is confined to her home with the measles.

Little Jim Collins and wife are the proud parents of a baby girl. It has been name Beulah Mae.

Mr. W.D. Thornton and son, Leston, motored to West Plains after a load of freight.

The young folks had a singing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D.O. Ellis.

Mrs. Jones of Hickory Flat is working at Mtn. Grove in the overall factory. Her son Dewy and wife are taking care of the small children.

John Cannifax says he likes to plow corn, but the sun is just to hot.

 A few people of the Hebron, Mo people attended the pie supper at Pine Ridge.

Several of the boys in the neighborhood are thinking of going to the harvest fields soon.

Little Wallace Altermatt had the is fortune to get hurt by a horse.

Lost: One Brunswick Cord Tire, rim and tube and two blow-out patches. Finder please mail parcel post C.O.D. to OSCAR-MCGUIRE,  Pratt. Kansas.

Sargents Thos. E. Smith and Wm. H. Childress of the Springfield branch of the Joplin recruiting station are here this week soliciting recruits for the regular army.

Rondo Burdett, son of Dr. and Mrs. C.W.Burdett of Cardwell, Mo., who has been taking a course in telegraphy at Springfield, accepted a position in Nebraska.

125 Years Ago

There are eighteen congregations of Christian denominations in Macon county.

W.F. Hanks, twice sheriff of Bates county, has been declared insane and sent to the Nevada asylum.

It has rained every day this week.

Mr. Martin Singleton will occupy the Hailey house just vacated by the editor hereof.

Wheat has “headed out” splendid and is going to make a larger yield than was at first expected.

No barber in Missouri dare open his shop next Sunday to give his customers a shave. The law against Sunday shaving will go into effect on tomorrow.

The committee on Fireworks sent in an order for over one hundred dollars worth of fireworks. 

Several hours after the prisoners escaped from the jail, John Bristol was found wandering about the streets of Ava. He came back, he says, to surrender himself to the authorities realizing that it would be impossible for him to escape.

The new saloon law will be in effect tomorrow. It provides that saloons shall stay closed from 12 o’clock Saturday night till 12 o’clock Sunday night. All curtains must be raised, padlocks on all outside entrances and no one must be seen in the saloon during the day.

By examining the telegraph wire that runs from Ava to Mansfield, I found the ground wire at Mansfield had rotted off at the surface of the earth and G.S. Burney was not in any way to blame for the line not working for the last two months. Signed, W.J. Turner

Bill Reynolds started in a buggy to drive a young lady home who resides in the vicinity or Arno. Soon after their departure, the rain commenced to come down furiously and while at its worst the buggy tipped and spilled them both into a pool of mud and water.

Miss Sallie Joe Turner graduated at Drury Academy in Springfield.

The following marriage license was issued by Recorder Spurlock: John F. Miller to Minnie M. Kirkham, both of Ava.

At Hannibal, Mo., Mrs. Virginia B. Todd shot and killed her daughter, Hester Bethel. Mrs. Todd was divorced three times, and was jealous of her last divorced husband and her daughter, and this caused the murder.

Last Tuesday, Mr. Isaac hitched up his wagon, drove to Mrs. Isabella Thomas, and loaded her and her daughter into the wagon, and drove to Ava to get married. 

After being out fifty-four hours, the jury which tried Frank Nevils for the murder of Mrs. A.D. Matson came into court and announced that they were unable to agree. Eleven were for conviction and one for acquittal.

Rev Washburn, a Universalist minister, has brought suit against Mrs. Annie Crockett for $50,000 damages for breach of promise of marriage.

Three Hungarians were in Ava over night, and departed in the morning. They are journeying on foot through the Ozark mountains and are in quiet search of a location for twenty-five Hungarian families.