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What About This? By Wayne William Cipriano

By Wayne William Cipriano

It’s about that time again – seems like I’ve written this before. 

The weather has been a rush, lately, especially if you are feeding cattle and waiting for the sale barns to reopen. Lots of rain. LOTS OF RAIN. A.K.A. I am not complaining! I have learned what happens around here if you say you think we’ve been having too much rain. 

It was spring on Tuesday and became summer on Wednesday and before early spring returns with a chill on Thursday, Rosalie was all over this brief glimpse of weather to come for sure in a month or so. 

All the doors and windows are WIDE open, and everything that can be aired out is being aired out. The cats are lazing in the sun, the tulips are opened and ready to feed the cattle when they come by, the redbuds are flowering and just about all the dogwoods blossomed yesterday!

All the plants that toughed it out in the basement all winter and awaited some dry spring weather were dragged out and arranged on the patio to loll in the sunlight – as did Rosalie. 

She barbecued in the morning, grilling enough for the entire week’s carnivorous celebration and then directed that her solar recliner be positioned on the deck and that she be left alone. 

Was I saddened, lonely, or offended? Not at all. All I need to procure an immediate and gracious audience is to show up with a cup of Sangria and a container of suntan oil. 

Works every time.