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Unofficial Election Results: Troy Tredway, Lowell Strong, and Mark Henry elected to Ava R-1 School Board

Michael Boyink/Herald Douglas County voters turned out for the June 2nd municipal election, which was originally scheduled for April 7, but postponed due to the Cornonavirus.

by Michael Boyink /

Ava and Douglas County residents turned out at the polls on Tuesday, June 2nd to re-instate two City Aldermen and fill three school board candidate seats.

The municipal election, originally scheduled for April 7th, was postponed until June 2nd due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

While Missouri’s shelter-at-home orders were lifted on May 4th, polling locations took added precautions to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Poll workers were placed behind plastic screens and wore masks and gloves. Pens were disinfected after each use. Voters practiced social distancing within the voting space.

Socially distanced, masks, gloves, screens. Voting in a coronavirus world.
Michael Boyink/Herald

Compared to last year, there were a few more voters, but from a pool of smaller registered voters. 15.23% of Douglas County’s 7446 registered voters made it to the polls. That’s about a percentage point higher than last year’s 14.15% turnout.

While the election results are yet to be officially verified by Circuit Clerk Karry Davis, the returns show the following:

Ava City Aldermen

Keith Jones and Stan Lovan ran unopposed and were reinstated as East and West Aldermen with 140 and 158 votes, respectively.

Ava R-1 School Board

In the Ava A-1 School District, voters approved:

  • Troy Tredway with 591 votes (17.8%)
  • Lowell Strong with 588 votes (17.7%)
  • Mark Henry with 574 votes (17.3%)
  • Not seated to the board were:
  • Vern Deatherage with 550 votes (16.6%)
  • Kenny Fleetwood with 514 votes (15.5%)
  • Michael Stewart with 504 votes (15.2%)

(Results don’t include Ozark County votes, which didn’t change the election outcome.)There was 1 write in vote.

Henry was the only incumbent to be reelected. Tredway and Strong join other Ava R-1 School Board incumbents Dan Johnson, Brandi Stanifer, Deana Parsick and Bart Ellison.

Skyline School Board

In the Skyline School District, voters approved:

  • Billy Harden with 91 votes (31.5%) 
  • James Brixey with 104 votes (35.3%) 
  • James Hurt with 94 votes (32.52%)

There were 3 write in votes.

Skyline voters approved Proposition 2, which sought to raise the operating tax levy to $3.4300/$100 within the district.

Mountain Grove R-III

In the Mountain Grove School District, voters approved:

  • Mark Hyde with 21 votes (31.8%)
  • Jeff Holman with 18 votes (27.3%)
  • Shannon Shaner with 15 votes (22.8%)

Voters did not seat:

  • Shawna Plummer with 12 votes (18.2%)

There were 0 write in votes.

Willow Springs R-IV

In the Willow Springs School District, voters approved:

  • Adam Webb with 23 votes (30.7%)
  • Brent Colley with 15 votes (20%)
  • Amanda Hood with 14 votes (18.7 %)

Voters did not seat:

  • Adrianne Mansfield with 11 votes (14.7%)

There were 0 write in votes.